Art Of War – 2996 – Full Moon
Intolerance – 2002 - Drakkar
Faith Through Anguish – 2011 - BlackSeed

Primigenium image
Shroud, Pact Of Solitude>>SMAUG [ROBERTO LUIS EXTREMERA]>>Shroud, Pact Of Solitude

Pact Of Solitude, Aversio Humanitatis>>SMAUG [ROBERTO LUIS EXTREMERA]>>Pact Of Solitude – Alhaz [Sergio Lebron]

Pact Of Solitude>>SMAUG [ROBERTO LUIS EXTREMERA]>>Pact Of Solitude

Inside Me, Versvs, Kuturlat>>Gorbag [Javier Rodriguez]>>Versvs, Kuturlat, Velo Misere

History & Biography
Madrid, Spain, Obed and Alhaz gave birth to Primigenium in 1992. The first demo was supposed to be known for a grand total of 12 hours given its As Eternal As The Night title. The 1994 line-up here was Obed (later Smaug) on mike, guitar and drums, Alhaz on guitar and bassist The Caller. Cacophonous Records of UK was to release this as an EP initially. Art Of War featured Smaug and Alhaz. The latter man ran BlackSeed Productions. This record was initially given to Unisound Records, but things had gone south again!

End All Life Productions has not achieved its goal, but did issue the band’s very sympathetic All Your Tears Will Be Ours single in 2000. Intolerance had a track called Pure Fucking Black Metal and a Blasphemy cover. Primigenium was covered by Xerion in 2007. The band went silent for a good many years until another album on another label emerged in 2011. Alhaz was gone. The same label issued the band’s split single with Aversio Humanitatis in 2015. The latter band featured Smaug for the stage. Rodriguez was on drums. For The Children of This World EP continued the band’s benevolent spirit in 2015. A 2017 track called Svmmis Desiderantis Affectibvs was uploaded in 2019. Art Of War was re-issued on vinyl by GoatowaRex in 2020.