Scorn – 2013 – Mordgrimm/Throatruiner
Caustic – 2017 - Relapse
Immersion – 2020 - Relapse

Primitive Man image
Death Of Self, Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire, Withered, Vermin Womb, Many Blessings>>ETHAN MCCARTHY/ELM>>Withered, Vermin Womb, Many Blessings

Catheter, Death of Self, Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire, Withered, Vermin Womb, Many Blessings, Catheter, Indian>>ETHAN MCCARTHY/ELM>>Withered, Vermin Womb, Many Blessings, Catheter, Indian

Reproacher, Black Curse, Malibis>>JONATHAN CAMPOS/JPC>>Black Curse, Malibis

Bennett Kennedy>>Buzzkiller – Kitezh>>IS [ISIDRO SOTO]>>NightWraith – American Haiku>>JOE LINDEN/JDL

History & Biography
Travelling through the USA’s doom and sludge since 2012, Primitive Man was first heard through the Scorn album and P//M demo simultaneously in 2013. The first record was supposed to be a one-off project at first. The band appeared on several split releases with the likes of Hessian next. In the midst of these releases the band signed with Relapse in mid-2013 and issued an EP called Home Is Where The Hatred Is. The mini-album was tracked at Flatline Audio by Dave Otero (Cephalic Carnage, Catheter, Cobalt, etc.) and was released as a 12″ through Relapse Records. The label also re-pressed Scorn. The band uploaded a couple of songs called Fear and A Life Of Turmoil claiming they are older songs and released to recoup funds needed to repair the band’s tour lorry. Drummer Isidoro was shown the door and termed “not a good fit.” There was a video for the song Super Hole off Caustic. There was a split release with Unearthly Trance on Relapse in 2018 in advance of Immersion. The group was booked to play New Zealand in 2019. Cattle Decapitation was to headline the Genocidal Tendencies tour with Atheist, Full Of Hell, Primitive Man, Author & Punisher and Vitriol in North America in November 2019. The band was in Europe with Misery Index and Gloom in 2021. Audiotree Live was a live EP, recorded in Chicago, in 2021, issued by Audiotree in 2022. A 12” EP was released by Closed Casket Activities in May 2022. It was called Insurmountable. The band and Bodybox were separately opening for Crowbar in 2023. Master replaced Biermächt on the Campaign For Musical Destruction tour with Napalm Death and Primitive Man in February and March 2024. Primitive Man was next touring with Amenra and Slow Crush.

JPC plays guitar with his other projects. McCarthy is also a visual artist and would eventually use the ‘Hell Simulation’ handle. He took up the artwork when he experienced knee problems and began exploring artwork during his downtime. Many Blessings is a noise act.



Primitive Man