Shadows To Fall – 1997 – Brickhouse
Slaughtering Thoughts – 2000 - Cudgel
The Art Of Sickness – 2017 - Apostasy

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Daniel Unzner>>Reactor – Martin Bauer – Reactor>>Daniel Unzner>>Dislocated Theory – Distaste, Ultrawurscht, Cemetery Dust, Gods Of Emptiness, GodHateCode, Underground Groove Front, Genocide Generator, Vor Die Hunde, Nervecell>>LUKAS HAIDINGER>>Vor Die Hunde, Distaste, Cemetery Dust, Underground Groove Front, Nervecell


History & Biography
Profanity has been profane in the south-eastern corner of Germany since 1993. Kevin was the bassist at this juncture. A full-length demo called The Transitory appeared in the summer of 1994. Into The Unforeseen was a more appropriate early demo title in 1995. A person called Brickhouse released the band’s debut album.

The group appeared at the Fuck The Commerce festival in Germany. The band and Lividity were the subject of a split 7” EP through Cudgel in late 1999. The group played with Cerebrocide. The same label issued the band’s full-length a year later. Bauer had taken over the bass here. Invasion Records had expressed interest, but went belly up before anything would be signed. Shows with Human Waste, Tears Of Decay and Mental Aberration followed. The band had an independent single called Humade Me Flesh in 2002, toured with Cryptopsy and Haemorrhage and went into slumber although the band hit the USA, including Maryland Deathfest, in2004 and Obscura guitarist Rennig was in the band briefly in 2006. The band uploaded a cover version of Death’s Zombie Ritual in 2014, thus heralding its return. Hatred Hell Within was a 2014 EP through Rising Nemesis Records. Bauer recorded, but Unzner was back. Mr. Aad Kloosterwaard of Sinister and Terrance Hobbs of Suffocation were guests on the Art Of Sickness. Bass-for-hire Lukas Haidinger was the bassist beginning 2017. The band and Sinister had a split single of cover versions in 2018. Fragments Of Solace was a 2020 full-length demo. The group had a 2022 play-through video for Ceremony Of The Rotten. The song features Suffocation‘s Terrance Hobbs on lead guitar and was taken from the band’s latest, Fragments Of Solace.

The band has an affinity to technical death metal and has a multi-faceted drummer. Profanity likes to features multiple guests on its releases.