The Omega Rising – 2006 – Profound Lore

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History & Biography
Just as he had done in Dead Silent Slumber, Profundi was thesole domain of ex-Dawn singer and guitarist Jens Ryden who managed to issue one album in 2006 before joining Thyrfing. Profundi was founded after the man opted to leave Dawn. Jens produced, played all the instruments and sang.


Sweden’s Naglfar, and in particular its debut album Vittra, remains one of the most under-rated acts to emerge from the underground, yet through the type of twisted fate that too often befalls the metal scene the band never received the type of congruous attention or credit it deserved. In the meanwhile the band and its former singer Jens Ryden looked as if they were losing their magic touch and penchant for extremism...until now.
Profundi (on Profound Lore) is the solo band for the aforementioned Ryden in which he sings and plays all instruments. The more discerning readers have by now visions of Burzum swimming in their heads and running for the proverbial hills (or on to the next review), but would be wiser to keep reading. The Omega Rising is just pure metal brilliance from start to end. If Omega denotes the last word, the ending, the ultimate statement then The Omega Rising is a fitting title. The album delivers in every aspect from start to finish. It is nearly shocking how good the man can be on each and every instrument. Be it the thundering drums, the screeching guitars, roaring bass and the infernal vocals Ryden’s vicious sting is iron heaven for fans of Dawn, Niden Div 187, Emperor’s guitar screeches, early Dissection and the early Naglfar output.
Played at loud volumes The Omega Rising can be interpreted as an act of war. The disc is an underground speed wonder in absolute terms. As an album composed and played by a single individual it is a tribute to the might of man. Buy in hate! - Ali “The Metallian”