In all honesty this reviewer cannot tell you whether this band is serious or putting you and I on. Proll Guns is supposedly a Texan band that is very pro barbecue and grilling and very much against free roaming horses. The band is alternately described as “Thrash Cowboys” or “Rock’N’Western Roll Metal” and has songs with titles like Texas Banjo Massacre, Horseflesh BBQ and Southern Slavery, the latter title again may or may not refer to horses in Texas. Whatever the case, the anti-basashi gang whose members include Evil Ed, The Burner and more crucially Miss Candy Rose and Miss Sherly Colt (and let me tell ya that none of them missus is all too innocent, if ya catch ma drift) does come across as a mixture of Pantera and The Obsessed, but to be clear there is no thrash metal in its sound. The Pantera and The Obsessed sounds meet exactly in the middle, which means the act sounds exactly like neither. This band uses banjo time and time again and apparently – possibly – not as a joke. It is an insult to metal for sure, but someone has to corner the Deliverance segment of the market and it may as well be the Proll guys. The problem for Proll Guns, its management and record company is that hick market segment only pays in barter with things like anal sex at the back of the gas station, heterosexual sex with their cousins (who double as their wives) and of course used greasy home cooking.
What we have here is a band that is either sponsored wholly by Napoleon Grills company or is subverting metal for its own causes badly. Whichever the case, and the Metallian is leaning towards the latter this is a Tue Madsen mix meaning it is high quality. They do have the banjo and the yeehaws, and several nods to ‘80s sounds a la Mötley Crüe or Ozzy Osbourne and not to mention pogo punk banjo dirt which is the song Lookin’ Out My Backdoor. So, think about it and, if you like it, get the CD alongside an order of DNA testing. – Ali “The Metallian”


Proll Guns