Acknowledge The Confusion Master – 1990 - Deaf
Matrix – 1992 – Metalcore

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Damnation Factor>>SHREW [DAVID SCHRODER]>>Alehammer, Pray U Prey

SHRUB>>Alehammer, Pray U Prey – Tom Csuka

Domination Factor>>Martin Holt – Napalm Death, Ripcord, Drop Dead, Extinction Of Mankind>>JIM WHITELY>>Extinction Of Mankind, Warprayer

Damnation Factor>>Dean Uzzell – Terrorain, Devolution>>Jazz Rone [Jarrod Rhone]>>Terrorain, Devolution – MARK SHAMBLES

History & Biography
This England-based grindcore-turned-deathly band was around between 1988 and 1996 and first heard through Demo 1988. The members’ background was in an act called Damnation Factor. The demo featured a Septic Death cover version. The band was Shew on vocals, Martin Holt on bass and Jazz Rone on drums. The demo was re-issued in 2019. The Prophecy label of The Netherlands issued the band’s Calculated Mind Rape single the year after. William was on guitar and Dean Uzzell was on drums. Deaf Records, a subsidiary of Peaceville, signed the band and issued the debut album in 1990. The band recorded material for John Peel, which was released as The Peel Sessions 12” in 1990. There was also a live single in that busy year called Until The Again. Deaf Records also issued the album as a split CD with Axegrinder’s Rise Of The Serpent Men. A second Peel Session recording was immortalized in 1991. It was dedicated to the liberation of Tibet, which was a cause dear to the band. The act was interested in philosophy and politics.

The Brits switched to another English label and issued the sophomore record in 1992. Jazz was back on drums here. The band went quiet until Infernal Records of Japan issued band’s Ego Death Grind tape in 1996. Mark Shambles was on drums. Jim Whitely was on bass. The band threw in the towel, but a compilation of rare material called Unreleased Tracks emerged in 1998. Infernal Records was the issuing concern. Another compilation was Total Mind War of 2012.

Jim Whitely was the bassist on Napalm Death’s Scum record. Shrew managed the Prophecy label. Members ended up in Alehammer and Pray U Prey. Dean Uzzell killed himself in 2002.



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