Golem – 1988 – Atom H/Major
Urm The Mad – 1989 – Atom H/Major
A Shedding of Skin - 1991 - Major
The Heritage – 1993 – Major
Reanimated Homunculus – 2013 – High Roller
Cursed And Coronated – 2016 – High Roller
Live ’89 – 2017 - High Roller
Summon The Hordes – 2019 – High Roller
Excessive Outburst Of Depravity - 2022 – High Roller

Protector image
Golgotha, Inzest>>Martin Missy>>Energyant, Ruins Of Time, Phidion, Talion, Martin Missy And The Protectors, Obrero, Zombie Lake – Oliver Wiebel – Inzest, Golgotha, Energyant, Ruins Of Time, Phidion, Talion, Martin Missy And The Protectors, Zombie Lake, Obrero>>MARTIN MISSY>>Zombie Lake

Hansi Mueller – Heritage, Ingrain>>Oliver Wiebel>>Ingrain – Sadistic Grimness, Mastema, Martin Missy And The Protectors, Bestial Mockery>>MICHAEL CARLSSON>>Bestial Mockery

Ede Belichmeier>>Anxiety, Energyant – Ingrain>>Matze Gruen>>Ingrain, Square Waves, Headshot – Suicidal Winds, Axis Powers, Martin Missy And The Protectors>>MATHIAS JOHANSSON>>Suicidal Winds, Axis Powers

Death Attack, Heritage>>Michael Hasse>>Heritage – Steelhunter, Shooting Gallery>>Marco Pape – Author Of Pain, Grief Of Emerald, Sarcastic, Mastema, Martin Missy And The Protectors>>CARL-GUSTAV KARLSSON>>Grief Of Emerald

History & Biography
Early deathrash group Protector followed the scene leaders Kreator, Sodom and Destruction by a couple of years and was founded by guitarist Hansi Mueller and singer Michael Hasse, who would also take over the drums from Peter Schultz soon, in 1986. The act threw in the towel after multiple line-up changes in 2003 and of course returned, in this case with a Swedish line-up, in 2011. A couple of shows with Pape on drums and Jacek Zander on mike did take place in-between. Early singer and drummer Michael Hasse died of a stroke likely as a result of his drug use in 1994. He had left the band in 1992.

Several demos, Protector Of Death (with Michael H on vocals and drums, Hansi Muller on guitars and Michael Schnabel on bass) and Live In Braunschweig, et cetra, came between 1986 and 1987. The band’s first concert was opening for Assassin. The tracks were on the newly recorded EP Misanthropy in 1987. Martin Missy had taken over the vocals. Missy was from Inzest whose members had been in Death Attack with Michael the drummer. The EP was released by the new Atom H imprint of Major Records. Atom H was founded by a member of Die Krupps. The band played around Germany, opened on tour on 9 dates for Wehrmacht over Mega Mosh using the Biermacht Over Germany monicker and issued two live demo tapes. Oliver sang on tour as Missy had left due to psychological ailments though he would return briefly to record Urm The Mad.

The band’s first full-length was called Golem and issued at the end of 1988. Despite the stylistic differences the artwork and Biblical title were indicative of a Helloween inspiration. Tom Angelripper made a guest appearance. Michael Hasse ran the Sodom fan club those days. The line-up had remained the same for Urm The Mad. An EP called Leviathan’s Desire was also issued in 1990. Oliver Wiebel had taken over the vocals here. Missy had left in 1989. Hansi had left following a cancer diagnosis in 1991. The band toured with Napalm Death and Entombed. A Shedding Of Skin’s guitar and bass was played by Oliver with Matze joining later. Oliver was forced to take over for the departed Mueller and bassist Ede Belichmeier. Harris Johns, who had worked with Sodom, Helloween, Kreator and others, produced it even though Mille of Kreator was announced as the producer earlier. The band toured with DVC, Unleashed and Paradise Lost. The band was inactive after The Heritage overtaken by newer bands and Major Records issued a compilation called Lost In Eternity in 1995. Heritage was supposed to be supported through a tour with Massacra and Babylon Sad, but protector was replaced by Accuser. Dead Infection opened for protector in 1994.

The band issued a demo called Resurrected in 2000. High Roller would issue this years later. The line-up was singer Jacek Zander, guitarist Hendrik Bache, Matze on bass and drummer Marco Pape. The band drifted into nothingness with several compilations appearing. A rehearsal CD was issued independently with the cover declaring Wolfsburg, Germany and Stockholm, Sweden was the band’s bases in 2011. Martin Missy, whose mother is Swedish, had moved to Sweden in 2005. A band called Martin Missy And The Protectors had played a few shows in Sweden in the intervening years. This Protector cover band also played at the Chris Witchhunter tribute concert. Missy turned this act into the new Protector with an announcement following the Way Of Darkness festival. The reformed monicker was heard on a couple of split singles with Erazor and Ungod. High Roller brought the new line-up of Martin Missy, guitarist Michael Carlsson, bassist Mathias Johansson and drummer Carl-Gustav Karlsson on board and issued a new album in 2013. It had been twenty years since The Heritage. The album featured new songs, as well as tracks written years before. More archival material was uncovered by High Roller with Live ’89. This was recorded with singer martin Missy prior to his departure. Apocalyptic Revelations was a box set and yet another compilation in 2017. The line-up persisted for Summon The Hordes. The song Celtic Hammer was dedicated to Celtic Frost. Hansi Muller and Wiebel would jump on stage with the band for one song each in Germany in 2019.

Excessive Outburst Of Depravity was out in 2022 and maintained a stable line-up.