What For Name, When Humanity Is Dying - 1995 – Metal Age
About Human Idols – 2001 – Metal Age
Have A Rest, Please – 2004 – Metal Age

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Lunatic Gods>>Jaroslav ‘Horar’ Vavro>>Lunatic Gods – Vladko Eervo

VIKTOR KOTRIK>>Ramchat, Traak – Igor Prejsa – Mentality>>Pato Jantosik

Lunatic Gods, Bestialit, Editor>>Pavel ‘Hirax’ Baricak>>Lunatic Gods, King, Editor, Ramchat - Jaroslav ‘Horar’ Vavro

Editor, Bestialit, Lunatic Gods>>Frantisek Sochulak>>Lunatic Gods – Mentality, Dementor>>Rasto Petrovic>>Dementor, Porfyria

Bestialit, Lunatic Gods>>Ivan Kral>>Lunatic Gods, King

History & Biography
Slovakia-based thrashers-turned-deathgrind act Protest began protesting in 1989 for roughly a decade before pausing, returning and being active for another decade. The band’s founder, singer Vavro, died in 2007. Vavro was also the co-founder of Metal Age Productions and worked at the local Metal Hammer magazine.

Inside Of Humanity was a 1992 demo. Bassist Peter Chlebuch left. The Slovak label Metal Age placed the band on the Wretched People In The Real World compilation in 1994. This lead to the debut album in 1995. It featured K&F (keyboards & Female vocals). About Human Idols was issued after the band’s re-emergence and made more sense grammatically. The album was, in fact, recorded in 1998 and had sat on the shelf. The label described the album as akin to Sadist. Prophetically, Have A Rest, Please was the band’s last record. Vladko Eervo was the singer here and Horar handled bass and vocals. The band by and large ignored writing lyrics for this album. The band issued a demo called About Human Fear. Only Viktor was left from the previous line-ups. The band’s last singer was Martin “Walki’ Valkar.

Protest and Lunatic Gods were linked.