Psychosis>>PROTOTYPE - USA

Trinity – 2002 – WWIII
Continuum – 2006 – Nightmare
Catalyst – 2012 - Nightmare

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S.N.F., F.U.C.K.>>VINCE LEVALOIS – Heathen, Exodus, Abysmal Dawn>>KRAGEN LUM>>Heathen, Exodus, Abysmal Dawn

Stormhaven>>Mike Bear>>Artisan, Shadow Projector – Fathom, Last Sabbatical>>Steve Gambina – Alchemist>>KIRK SCHERER

Fathom, Last Sabbatical>>Damion Ramirez – Harum Scarum, Amerikan Made, Killing Culture, Steel Prophet, Riot V>>Pat Magrath>>Amerikan Made, Steel Prophet, Riot V, Ravenscroft, Three Sixes – Corruption, Killing Culture, Riot V, Harum Sacrum, Steel Prophet, Amerikan Made, Ravenscroft, Three Sixes>>PAT MAGRATH>>Steel Prophet, Amerikan Made, Riot V, Ravenscroft, Three Sixes

History & Biography
Psychosis thrashed out a couple of album in its five years of existence before becoming Prototype in May 1994 to tone it down and become more complex. The transition was made by singer and guitarist Vince Levalois and guitarist Kragen Lum who recruited new members drummer Damion Ramirez and bassist Steve Gambina and planted Seed in 1994. The band next distributed two rehearsal tapes in the underground until an EP called Cloned in 1998.

The almost local label WWIII issued the band’s album in the USA to start 2002. This was picked up by Massacre Records in Germany a year later. The album was recorded at the act’s own Utopia Studio. The band had joined the roster of Intromental Management out of Denmark in 2002. Scherer was heard on bass here. There was a gap of six years between albums two and three. Pat Magrath departed in 2002 and returned in 2009. The band was on a Metallica covers’ CD in 2002. Sam Aliano had become the band’s drummer in late 2003. The third album was completed with the help of fundraising by the band selling special merchandise. A number of unreleased and demo songs was compiled unto Retrospect by Nightmare Records in 2012. The band’s The Way It Ends – Video Game EP was tracks from video games and issued in 2013. It was a digital release. Another independent release was Live At The Whisky 1998, which was issued in 2014. The band was the opener for Death at that show.


I am of two minds about Prototype and Continuum. On the one hand the band has solid riffs and heavy songs; on the other hand it comes pretty close to shattering my nerves with its occasional closeness to Metallica. The band’s work ranges from technical thrash to melodic metal, and it has really skillful lead guitar parts and a great production, yet songs like Cold Is The God sound like Lars and crew. Other weak songs are Devotion and With Vision. Then there is a song like Seed, which is pure metal. The band also incorporates slow and acoustic songs like Sea Of Tranquillity and Undying. In short, Metallica vocals and drumming bad, technical and fluent thrash and solos good. Someone also pointed out that Cold Is The God - the album’s closing cut - has a Blade Runner sample lest people are not familiar with it. - Anna Tergel