Psÿco Drama>>Section 16>>PSYCO DRAMA - USA

The Illusion – 1995 – Massacre
Bent – 1998 – Massacre
From Ashes To Wings – 2015 – Pride & Joy

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Magnitude 9, Balance Of Power, Redemption, Hercules Castro, In The Machine>>COREY BROWN>>Magnitude 9, Balance Of Power, Redemption, Hercules Castro, In The Machine

Solo, Foolish Pride>>HERCULES CASTRO>>Solo, Foolish Pride – Toby Kinnaman - Foolish Pride>>Bart Barlettano>>Foolish Pride

Magnitude 9>>Ian Ringler>>Magnitude 9, In The Machine, Metro Society – Brian Dail – Magnitude 9, In The Machine>>IAN RINGLER>>In The Machine, Metro Society

Foolish Pride>>MacKenzie Kerr>>Foolish Pride – GREG SANDS

History & Biography
The Psÿcos were active between 1990 and 1999 when they issued Demo ’93, The Illusion demo and two full-lengths. The band was planning on touring Europe with Iced Earth and Nevermore, but these were cancelled. The band changed its monicker to Section 16 in 1999 and issued an album in 2002 and a demo in 2005 before disappearing. The progressive band regrouped without the umlaut in 2015. Greg Sands was the drummer now. Metro Society was first heard in 2024.



Psÿco Drama