Symbols Of Failure – 2006 – Neurotic/Willowtip
Ob(servant) - 2008 – Nuclear Blast
Initiation – 2010 – Stomp
The Inherited Repression – 2012 – Nuclear Blast
Psycroptic – 2015 – Prosthetic
As The Kingdom Drowns – 2018 - Prosthetic
Divine Council – 2022 – EVP/Prosthetic

Psycroptic image
M.S.I., Born Headless, Domination Campaign>>JASON PEPPIATT>>Domination Campaign

Disseminate, Synesis Absorption, Ruins, CrisisAct, Domination Campaign, Gangs Of Old Ladies>>JOE HALEY>>Ruins, CrisisAct, Domination Campaign, Gangs Of Old Ladies

Magoria, Astriaal>>Cameron Grant>>Astriaal – Abacinate, The Ghost In Black And White, Hammer Fight, Tombs>>TODD STERN>Abacinate, Hammer Fight, Tombs

Disseminate, King, Ruins, The Amenta, Blood Duster, Abramelin, Pestilence, Consummation, CrisisAct>>DAVID HALEY>>King, Ruins, The Amenta, Blood Duster, Abramelin, Pestilence, Consummation, CrisisAct

History & Biography
The band was founded in 1999 and had a demo called The Isle Of Disenchantment in 2001. Demos are not allowed to be demos anymore and if a buck could be made a buck is made so some guy in a basement pressed this on CD again years later. The group played the Metal For The Brain festival in 2001. This would reoccur in 2003 and 2005. The band opened for Incantation in Australia in 2003. The group toured Europe with Dismember and Anata. Matthew Chalk was the band’s singer until 2005. He had not gone to Europe to tour earlier. The Scepter Of The Ancients demo of 2003 was issued by Unique Leader. Neurotic Records of The Netherlands and Willowtip of USofA issued the band’s debut album, Symbols Of Failure, in 2006. The band was able to tour Europe.

The technical death metal band signed with Nuclear Blast Records in 2008. Ob(Servant) was the band’s first record for the label. The Black Dahlia Murder, Cephalic Carnage, Sylosis and Psycroptic toured Europe in 2009. Initiation was a live record and DVD. Dictated toured Europe with Origin and Psycroptic in 2012. Joe Haley recorded Humiliation’s album in 2012, Eternal Rest’s and Taberah’s albums in 2013. He continued his production activities for Psycroptic and other groups. The band switched to Prosthetic for its self-titled album of 2015. The label had signed the band in 2014. The group collected money for a charity to save the Tasmanian Devils. The band itself was headquartered in Tasmania. Todd Stern was on bass for the As The Kingdom Drowns album of 2018. The band hit Canada and the USA in 2018. Agonia records issued a single called The Watcher Of All in 2020.

Jason Keyser joined as the touring vocalist in 2019. Gangs Of Old Ladies had a song called Raped By Ghosts in 2021. The band’s long time lead guitarist David Andersson of Soilwork was unavailable so the band reached out to friend Joe Haley. Psycroptic toured Australia in the summer of 2021. Fallujah, The Divine Ascension, Psycroptic, Interloper and Cognitive were touring Canada and the USA in the autumn of 2022. The band was supporting its 2022 album, Divine Council. There was a video for the song Rend Asunder. Archspire, Benighted, Psycroptic and Entheos were to tour Europe in March 2023. Psycroptic and Decrepit Birth were using The Uncreation Of Civilization Tour as monicker in North America that summer. The band and Black Lava were to 0pen for Obituary in Australia at the beginning of 2024.

Joe and David are brothers who were in Disseminate previously.


Fans of techno death, here is your band. As far technical death metal goes Australia’s Psycroptic almost has it all. The band is fleet footed and is awash in rhythm and tempo changes. The music on Symbols Of Failure, the band’s third, sweeps from one technical churn into another disharmonic note almost non-stop. The speed can get frantic, although the band has quite a bit of slower moments as well. New singer Peppiatt has an impressive growl, which is supported by clever production and layering. The modulated vocals on the album’s closing track, Cleansing A Misguided Path, are inane though. The band’s shortcoming though is a complete absence of leads guitars. The Aussies have, for whatever reason, decided against incorporating solos much to the disappointment of this reviewer. Still, fans of Death and Hate Eternal may find this intensity to their liking. - Anna Tergel

How this Neurotic Unique Leader types ended up on Nukie Blast is beyond me, mate, but the occasion is both to be celebrated and scoffed at. First, the band’s brand of bottom-heavy speed/death is a welcome new signing for a label that has erred on the side of selling ability one too many times recently. Psycroptic is technical, fast and heavy and hardly aware that it is competing on the shelves with Hammerfall or Soilwork. On the other hand, the Aussies bring or introduce next to nothing new to the listener content to press the metal pedal bereft of lead guitars to the end. The voice of Jason Peppiatt is dry and hardcore sounding which might actually complement the idea that lacking solos is fine. Most consistent song here has to be number nine Initiate, which is a good representative of the band with its tight, fast, double-bass drumming mania. It is just that the song is hardly memorable or begging for later replay. Cheesy album title, but cool logo and cover artwork further balance things out. - Ali “The Metallian”