Built – 1997 – Black Mark
Dear Evilyn – 2004 – Megamania

Purity image
Chorea>>TEPPO HAAPASALO>>Death Is Liberty, Death is Death

Chorea>>Tapsa [Tapio Minkkinen]>>Royal Truck – Sancta, Chorea, Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus>>TEPPO HAAPASALO>>Chorea, Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus, Death Is Death – Godfall>>SAMI HÄMÄLÄINEN – Paraxism>>TUOMAS KOKKO

Pekka Korpela – Danse Macabre>>HEIKKI ‘HEKU’ KOISTINEN

Chorea>>Juhis Ojala [Juha-Pekka Ojala]>>Royal Truck - Henri Lindström

History & Biography
Purity was born out of the ashes of Chorea, which featured singer Teppo, guitarist Tapsa and drummer Juhis, in 1991. The band issued a demo soon and followed up with late 1992’s Line demo, which sold 300 copies. Listen To Our Music Production, the band’s imprint, issued the band’s In Disguise EP in 1994. The group recorded two tracks, A Mere Wreck and Don’t Fuck With The Babysitter, for a compilation CD by a label called Maho Pop. A Mere Wreck was also filmed at a Finnish festival to become a video clip. The band signed to Black Mark Production of Sweden and issued its debut album in January 1997. The grungy hard rockers were Finnish so they just had to include violin, viola and a piano.

This lead to the 3 Song EP, which was actually a demo, in 1998. Heku was on bass, Ville Isomöttönen on guitar and Valtteri later of Leverage on drums. Bassist Pekka had left due to hearing loss while drummer Juhis relocated to Helsinki for work. There was only one original member left.

The band was essentially forgotten, aside from the occasional single upload, until Dear Evilyn, which featured guitarists Tuomas Kokko and Sami Hämäläinen. The band also issued a demo called A Path To The Sun through the above-mentioned Listen To Our Music in 2009 and since no one did the group handed in its resignation a year later.

The band’s monicker was inspired by the Impurity album of New Model Army.