Purtenance Avulsion>>PURTENANCE - FINLAND

Member Of Immortal Damnation – 1992 – Downed
Awaken From Slumber – 2013 – Xtreem
…To Spread The Flame Of Ancients – 2015 –Xtreem
Buried Incarnation – 2020 – Xtreem
The Rot Within Us - 2023 - Xtreem

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Timo Hayrinen - Ville Koskela – Dying Out Flame, Benothing>>AABEG GAUTAM>>Dying Out Flame, Benothing

Convulse>>Toni Honkala>>Convulse – JUHA RANNIKKO – Ville Nokelainen – Simo Rouvinen - TERO AALTO

Pasi – Purpose>>Ville Koskela – AABEG GAUTAM

Purpose>>HARRI SALO >>Purpose

History & Biography
Purtenance Avulsion was an early Finland-based death metal band between 1989 and 1991, which changed and shortened its monicker and was active for four years thereafter only. It was a productive period nonetheless with rehearsal ’90, Demo 1 in 1991, Crown Waits The Immortal 7” on Drowned (later called Xtreem) and the Member Of Immortal Damnation full-length. Timo Hayrinen was both singer and bassist upon formation. The band faded away around 1995.

There was the usual compilation during the band’s absence until an EP called Sacrifice The King was issued by Xtreem Music upon reformation in 2012. The band had a new guitarist and bassist now. Awaken From Slumber was a year behind in 2013. The band played shows in Europe. Bassist Ville took over the vocals for …To Spread The Flame Of Ancients. Old singer Timo joined the band for one show at the Finnish Death Metal Maniacs festival in 2015. Aside from the full-length albums Paradox Of Existence was a 2017 EP. The band was booked for the Obscene Extreme Festival in 2017.

The group toured Europe with Hyban Dragon, Bonehunter and others in 2018. Aabeg from Nepal took over the vocals and then the bass. The band’s sole 2021 show was with The Lifted Veil in November. Purtenance, Convulse and later Lubricant were the three early extreme bands of the spa town of Nokia in Southern Finland. Purtenance released The Rot Within Us album through Xtreem Music in the middle of 2023. The cover art was by Chris Moyen again.