The Esoteric Order - 2011 - Cyclone Empire
Cult Cthulhu - 2013 - Cyclone Empire
The Crawling Chaos - 2014 - Cyclone Empire
The Cthulhian Pulse: Call From The Dead City - 2020 - Mighty

Puteraeon image
Taetre, Deletion>>JONAS LINDBLOOD>>Taetre, Deletion

Taetre, Thorium, Commander, Deletion>>JONAS LINDBLOOD>>Taetre, Deletion - Exempt, Valedictory, Dawn Of Time, One Man Army And The Undead Quartet, Aggro, Killaman, Reclusion, Pagandom>>RUNE FOSS>>Pagandom

Absinth, 13itch>>DANIEL VANDIJA

Infestation, Absinth, Immemoreal, Prophanity, Inverted, Bhleg, Nominon>>ANDERS MALMSTRÖM

History & Biography
Active since 2008, the death metal act had demos called Fascination For Mutilation and The Requiem in 2008. This was the solo act of Jonas Lindblood to begin. The Extraordinary Work Of Herbert West was the 2009 demo. It referred to a story by H. P. Lovecraft. Cyclone Empire became involved and the debut record was released in 2011. The band had brought back many demo songs. The band’s first concert was at Överrocken in Alingsås. The group appeared at Party San Open Air 2011 with Dew-Scented, Absu, Puteraeon, Aborted and Witchburner among others. The Lovecraft inspiration continued with the next album, Cult Cthulhu. The band was live at Aalborg Metal Festival in neighbouring Denmark and Nocturnus Festival Vol.II in Germany. Lindblood contributed lyrics or leads to bands like Megascavenger and Just Before Dawn. 2013 brought a mini-tour with Revel In Flesh. The bands had a split called Imperial Anthems No. 13 too. The Lovecraft theme continued with The Crawling Chaos in 2014.

Next up was a single through Spinnup called The Empires Of Death in 2017. The Dunwich Damnation was a MLP in 2018. The band switched to Emanzipation Productions for 2020’s The Cthulhian Pulse: Call From The Dead City.

Another self-cover version came when Puteraeon had a digital EP called Quindecennial Horror through Emanzipation in March 2024. Among others it contained the first song the band had written, The Plague. The song Graverobber is a self-cover version originally heard on The Requiem demo of 2008.

A second guitarist named Hans Sörensen came and went in 2009, but otherwise the band’s line-up has been remarkably stable since Foss joined in 2010. Puteraeon announced that their former guitarist Hans Sörensen had died. He played with the band between 2009 and 2010 and was also in Cult Of The Headless Witch. The cause of death was not disclosed.