Mangled, Hollowed Out And Vomit Filled – 2004 – No Escape
Dawn Of The Necrofecalizer – 2006 – No Escape
Sledgehammer Holocaust – 2008 – No Escape
Voiding Upon The Pulverized – 2016 – Fat Ass

Putrescence image
Lykeum>>Grimmgore [Jean-Louis Wittinger] - Head Hits Concrete, Swallowing Shit>>SOILED DEPENDS [MIKE ALEXANDER]>>Head Hits Concrete, Swallowing Shit

Lykeum, Dissolution>>Grimmgore [Jean-Louis Wittinger]>>Kaluza – Dissolution>>Colostomy Bag Darrel [Dennis Mott]>>Dissolution, Expired Utopia, Antikathera – Solanum, Flash Out>>ANDERS LAND>>Solanum, Flash Out, Retaliation – Flash Out>>RIPLEY MORDEN>>Flash Out, Archagathus, Flesh Hoot

Zombie Assault!!>>NECROMAGNON [SHAUN THOMAS]>>Zombie Assault!!

Untimely Demise, Flash Out, Zombie Assault!!>>DARK LORD SKULLBONG [CORY THOMAS]>>Untimely Demise, Flash Out, Zombie Assault!!

History & Biography
The Winnipeg, Canada-based goregrind band was founded in 2003. Occult Blood And Excrement was an immediate demo. No Escape Records of Australia issued the band’s debut album a year later. No confirmation whether the band was inspired by a visit to a hamburger chain. The line-up featured a man honest enough called Soiled Depends and a cover artist called Corpsefucker who took time off his main preoccupation to collaborate with the band. Embalming Theatre and Putrescence had a split single in 2006. Drugs Of Faith and the band played together in 2007. A compilation called Fatal White Pustules Upon Septic Organs was issued by Power It Up Records in 2007. Sledgehammer Holocaust was followed by something of a lull several split releases aside. It featured second guitarist Colostomy Bag Darrel. The band had announced a tour with Impaled and Fuck The Facts back in 2008.

Putrescence had an album called Voiding Upon The Pulverized through Eclectic Productions in late 2017. The band, however, had announced its dissolution in 2015. The group played at Obscene Extreme in Montreal in 2015 and the Maryland Deathfest in 2016 – not the band’s first appearance there. Soiled Depends had moved to the West Coast.

Soiled Alexander and Thomas were local promoters. Necromagnon and Dark Lord are brothers.