Mental Prolapse Induces Necrophilism – 2007 – Permeated
Degenerating Anthropophagical Euphoria – 2011 – Willowtip
Ignominious Atonement – 2018 - Willowtip

Putridity image
Blasphemer>>CICCIO "ANDREA" [ANDREA "CICCIO" AIMONE]>>Blasphemer – Gorefuck, Devangelic, Corpsefucking Art>>Paolo Chiti>>Devangelic, Interminable Corruptions, Corpsefucking Art, Esophageal, Fixation On Suffering, Antropofagus - Psychostasy>>ANDREA PIRO>>Psychostasy

Obscene Perversion, Necrotomia, Daemusinem, Blasphemer, Concrete Block>>CICCIO "ANDREA" [ANDREA "CICCIO" AIMONE]>>Necrotomia, Daemusinem, Blasphemer, Concrete Block – Natassievila, Adversam, Daemusinem>>Paolo "Panino">>Natassievila, Adversam, Daemusinem - Skizopatix, Breethoven, Amputazione Spontanea Del Cazzo, Disgustibus>>MANUEL "SKIZO" LUCCHINI>>Skizopatix, Disgustibus

Alessandro ‘Alex’ Cravero - Indecent Excision, Node>>GIANCARLO MENDO>>Indecent Excision, Node

Septycal Gorge, Xenomorphic Contamination, Repulsive Dissection>>BrutalDave [Davide Billia]>>Septycal Gorge, Xenomorphic Contamination, Repulsive Dissection, Hour Of Penance, Pit Of Toxic Slime, Coffin Birth, Beheaded, Antropofagus - ChokingOnBile, Svart Crown, Monument Of Misanthropy, Depulsed, The Malum Process, Molested Divinity>>CEDRIC MALEBOLGIA>>The Malum Process, Molested Divinity

History & Biography
Singer and guitarist Andrea ”Putrid Ciccio” founded the band in Turin in the north of Italy in 2005 following the break-up of Obscene Perversion. The debut demo was recorded as a solo act by the man alone.

The 2005 demo Innate Butchery Aptitude garnered the band a deal sealed with a Promo 2006. BrutalDave and Alessandro had joined the band for the debut record. The band toured in Italy, Germany and Switzerland. Paolo Chiti was in for the second record. Paolo "Panino" was in for the third record.

The band records at BrutalDave Studio. BrutalDave himself had left the band in 2015 to eventually be replaced by Cédric Malebolgia. Chiti also left in 2015. Bass-for-hire Federico Benini joined in 2018. Singer D.O.C. (Daemusinem) came and went. The band turned over its line-up.
Putridity released a 2023 EP called Greedy Gory Gluttony through Willowtip Records in July. It contained two new tracks and a cover of a Cannibal Corpse song. The band was working on a full-length called Morbid Ataraxia. In the meantime, the band was touring the USA with Cenotaph and Immortal Suffering.


Since we already knew that Italy could match the best black metal the world has to offer; it was time to recognize the same fact regarding Italian death metal. Putridity is not just a smashing death metal band. The group, as one can tell from the title, has some serious philosophizing done regarding the idea of sex with corpses. Abortifacient Whore Lobotomizer? Molesting Vomiting Decapitation? Zombie Oral Sex? Necrophiliac Limitations? Impressive of course, but only in the context of the barrage of swift brutal vomitgurgitation that is the band’s music and vocals. The album’s 28 minutes blast away at all rules of musical sensibility and decency only to be book-ended by recordings of torture victims in American prisons like Abu Ghraib (Intro) and Guantanamo (Outro). Pick up this album and then pick up your splattered remains off the floor. - Ali “The Metallian”