Devouring Rotten Viscera – 2013 – Ghastly/Amputated Vein

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Fistulectomy, Klysma, Human Barbecue, Impure Violation, Neuromoral Dissonance>>JASON LAMBERT>>Klysma, Human Barbecue, Impure Violation, Neuromoral Dissonance

Brutally Butchered, Nervectomy>>Steven Wright>>Brutally Butchered, Nervectomy - Death Blood Destroyer>>HERVÉ DIEUDONNÉ>>Death Blood Destroyer



History & Biography
Putrified J became Putrified J in the city of Liege in Belgium in November 2009. It was the solo act of Jason Lambert before guitarists like Wes Mousseau (who disappeared) and Steven Wright were recruited. Early guitarist was also Adrien Bertrand. Promo 2010 arrived in that year. It goes without saying that some label re-issued it years later. The 2010 demo featured the hit anthem Justin Bieber Is A Fag. The Misery demo followed and arrived in 2010 as well. It goes without saying that some label re-issued it years later. Still in the same year, Putrified J vs. Oerjgrinder: The Bwittle was an Oerjgrinder and Putrified J collaboration. The Last Harvest was a 2011 demo. A Japanese company pressed the band’s Devouring Rotten Viscera album after it was released online by the band. It goes without saying that the same label re-released The Last Harvest. The band followed this up with a digital demo called Hopeless in 2014 and a single called Kill The Living in 2016. The Belgium-based group released a new EP of “barbaric death metal”, The Deep End Of Horror, through Comatose Music on June 28th 2019.

This act uses a drum machine although drummer Amaury Rondeaux of Death Blood Destroyer was utilized for possible shows in 2016.



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