Melancholy Beast – 2004 – NTS/Nightmare
Legend Of The Bone Carver – 2006 – Nightmare/Massacre
Immortal – 2008 – Locomotive/Inner Wound
Disciples Of The Sun – 2015 – Inner Wound
Contingent – 2017 – Inner Wound
Epitaph – 2020 - AFM
Bloodlines - 2023 - AFM

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History & Biography
Hard rock and heavy metal band Pyramaze was founded by guitarist Michael Kammeyer in 2001. Michael had left Damion, but a line-up and monicker came together in 2002. The American keyboardist Jonah Weingarten and Michael had met over the net. The band not only recruited singer Lance King, but also signed with its owner’s record company, namely Nightmare Records. The band had signed to the Intromental agency, which had made mutual introductions. Thus the singer was the last to join and recorded his vocals in the USA. The first two albums were released through the Nightmare label; however, the collaboration did not continue when the singer was asked to leave. The second album, which was a concept, saw the addition of second guitarist Toke Skjønnemand and was issued in Europe by Massacre Records. Former Iced Earth singer who had retired from the heavy metal scene replaced King. Barlow recorded Immortal, apparently was seduced and returned to Iced Earth. Guitarist Michael Kammeyer and bassist Niels Kvist decided to leave the band in early 2011. Producer Jacob Hansen joined for the Disciples album. He had actually joined in late 2011 and the band had called him, “longtime producer and very good friend.” Urban Breed of Tad Morose sang for the band from 2008 to 2011 even though the group had insisted Barlow would stay in the band. Morten would join Lance King’s band in 2011. The band was joined by previous vocalists Lance King and Matt Barlow for a performance at ProgPower USA 2016, which was subsequently filmed and for an unreleased DVD. The band had a lyric video for the track 20 Second Century from Contingent. The album was released on April 28th through Inner Wound Recordings. Singer Matt Barlow and piano player Jonah Weingarten had a 2017 project called Sentinels. It was said to emphasize orchestral arrangements. Epitaph featured singers Matt Barlow and Lance King as guests. The AFM Records’ compilation 25 Years Metal Addiction - The Rare & The Unreleased featured an “orchestral version” of the song World Forgone from Epitaph.

The band re-signed with AFM, which announced an album entitled Bloodlines for June 2023. Broken Arrow and Fortress were advance songs. Nordic Noise 2023 was taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark in May 2023. A partial list of groups appearing included Tygers Of Pan Tang, Evergrey, Pyramaze, Steel Inferno and Eclipse.


Pyramaze is a young Danish melodic hard rock band fronted by former Balance Of Power singer Lance King who also owns Nightmare Records. There must something about this guy and European bands for his relationships all appear to be long-distance!
Regardless, Pyramaze is a choral rock band with vocals and music analogous to Queensrÿche, Royal Hunt and the more linear moments of Dream Theater. The band is a tight unit going about its business methodically, albeit with the occasional flare-up of keyboard solos. Notable tracks are the ballad Until We Fade Away whose message of fidelity is marred by spelling mistakes in the lyrics ("It's easier if your not alone"), the lyric-less The Nature Of Triumph which is the sole song written by keyboardist Jonah Weingarten and which features gothic vocals and the album's varied finale Power Of Imagination.
Pyramaze is hardly revolutionary. Still, the quintet does the job well and fans of keyboard-oriented hard rock and higher-pitched singing will surely find much appeal in this. Just do not expect anything melancholic or bestial. In the meanwhile, the band has completed the recordings for its second album, Legend Of The Bonecarver. - Ali "The Metallian"