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So Armageddon Music has adopted the habits of its '90s predecessor West Virginia Records and is signing up second and third-rate German death and thrash metal bands with abandon? One would not need to be the oracle of metal to guess where this story will end (again).
Reckless Tide is a thrash metal band with influences - or at least a sound representative of - from acts like early Exodus, Demolition Hammer and Annihilator. The band has two singers who alternate their lines and a rather thin production stemming from a clean but ultimately sub-par engineering and layering. The fact that the band is and loves thrash metal is obvious from the sound, the Chuck Billy-like vocals (and that is vocals in plural) and some of the lyrics. Guitarist Susanne Swillus (husband Kai is on drums) strikes a Doro pose not only by her looks but also by dominating the cover of the album. As silly as the idea of selling her figure is in this day and age it is even odder for the band to forget the lesson a preposterous Doro Pesch has presented the metal scene. What is next? Susanne featuring Reckless Tide (and crappy songs)? Odder still is that this band is a sextet and there are six faces below Susanne’s figures on the cover. Who is the seventh person? Perhaps he is the label’s A&R representative. Why would he want to show his face?
Reckless Tide is not really bad, although none of the tracks here will ever be considered superb. The band has a workmanlike approach to its thrashing that needs a beefier sound. Then again, Kleemähendeäbte is a joke pop song. House Of Cards should drop the chorus, while on C.H.A.O.S. one could have done without the vocals wholesale. The bass work (and the silly text) makes a case for making an instrumental out of the song. – Ali “The Metallian”


Reckless Tide