Kindred: Act I – 2020 - Sliptrick
Kindred: Act II - 2021 - Sliptrick

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Brendan Doll – Noah Bockmuehl

Rogan McAndrews


History & Biography
Red Cain was founded in Calgary, Canada in 2016 and issued a self-titled demo late that year. Another demo was Act I in 2019, but several songs had been drip uploaded in advance. Sliptrick Records also pressed this one. There was a video for the song Juliet. Act II remained a demo for a while upon release in 2021. Tyler Corbett was the sole guitarist now. The band took most of 2021 off only to return and insist it is working on new material.

Calgary, Canada-based progressive/electronica band had a next The Wheel of Time-inspired upload entitled Blight in 2023, which continued the storyline from its previous song The Fisher King released in November 2022. The We Are Chaos upload followed. Kalie Yan was on vocals and bass, Samuel Ridout and Tyler Corbett were the guitarists.

Red Cain was following up the uploads of its Fisher King and Blight songs with a demo called Näe'bliss on April 28th 2023. This full-length was a homage to the world of Robert Jordan's fantasy The Wheel Of Time.


Alberta is known as the home for right-wing blowhards, cowboys lassoing defenceless animals and multinational corporations polluting mother nature in order to ensure the CEO’s wife gets a bigger fat SUV and shareholders maximize revenue and capital gains. Good music, in such an environment, would be impossible to come by, except it is often within cruelty, oppression and the tyranny of capitalism and market that heavy metal thrives and finds a voice as counter programming to all that is mainstream. It is consequently pleasing to notice this area spew a few metal bands as of late. Red Cain, however, is unfortunately not going to contribute to the filling of the void. Named after the murderer sent this planet’s way by the Christians’ god, Red Cain has so much talent, ability and capability that its adherence to commercialism, trends and weakness is indeed a loss. It is what it is however. The band is compared to Kamelot, Symphony X, Tessearct and something called Alter Bridge in its biography. A more apt comparison would be Dark Tranquillity. This is a band that could be metal and could be above average metal; alas goes down the rabbit hole of mainstream coupling and degradation. The singer has a limited range, but deploys its with emotion and nuance. The guitarist can clearly play and do so with riffs and solos entirely his own. The bassist similarly, while knowing his place, leaves a favourable impression and fills his spots with aplomb. The beginning of the song Hiraeth, for instance, comes across like a contest of talents between, in order, the bassist, guitarist and the singer. The drum machine, well, he has as much brain and personality as an oil patch CEO farting his way around the planet and therein lies the problem. A drum machine (mind you the band calls him Samuel Royce), boatload of keyboards, synthesizers and simulated string arrangements and other miscellaneous sounds as Depeche Mode or Aqua or Beyonce or Emperor would use abound. It is embarrassing really. The guitars are so sharp one would wish the man would be slapped out of his stupor to see the light, but what is the point of talent and originality if it is all placed under a cold shower of conventional humiliation? The band could be reached through its publicist – Ali “The Metallian”


Red Cain