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Rotten, Rotting, Rotting Head, Rotting Flesh, Rot and now this mob, which despite Repulse's claim as regards the band's fame, has next to zero name recognition. Hopefully a little promotion will be accorded the band this time out. The band name might be nothing new, but the fact that Finland still has a heavy band certainly is! It sure is a revelation, as the last serious metal band out of Finland, to these ears, must have been circa 1993! Sarcasm aside, this former HC/ crust band, while still harbouring some of their former elements, has turned into a death/grind band with a penchant for torturing their guitars the Swedish way with a suitable Sunlight production to boot. Seriously intense stuff, not for the faint-of-heart and a definite find in Metallian tower. - Ali "The Metallian"

Great! One of Finland's only really heavy bands is back with a MCD of pure speedy death metal. It must be difficult to maintain your poise, when all around you formerly heavy bands wimp out, go pop and constantly send out press releases touting their chart-topping albums as if it is a badge of honour! No such folly from RS, the Finns bash out a tight mix of Carcass/ Napalm Death/ Centinex sure to appeal to all fans of efficiently delivered blows to the head! Unlikely to appeal to fans of Children of bottomy or Sentenced (to bore), this quintet means metal business. - Ali "The Metallian"

As soon as the album was inserted into the disc player, there was bound to be criticism of Rotten Sound for releasing an album that is 28 minutes in length and has a 2 minute intro to start. Forget that! Quality over quantity. If their instruments could speak they would scream torture and abuse. This is speed for speed's sake and bullocks to all wimpy nay sayers. When Necropolis owner Thind insisted to us here at Metallian Towers that Rotten Sound's (pay close attention to the moniker) new one is killer, we had no idea he meant it literally. Aaaarggghh, guitars lurch and ravage, the drums blast to hell and the singer's larynx punches through all resistance. How ironic then that Rotten Sound features members from poser act And Oceans... Furthermore, the quartet has achieved what has eluded many others. They have gotten a sharp sound that is simultaneously clear. The guitar tone on a song like Obey will be studied at death metal academy for a long time. Speaking of which, check out these titles: Lies, Doom, Seeds, Suffer, Edge, Insane and Agony. The CD comes with no less than three videos to boot. Too bad they depict four (down from five) short-haired nerds. Still, ring the bells of hell. Necropolis has a winner.


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