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Another one crawls out from under a hard rock. Screamer was originally formed in the wild 1980s, and presumably disappeared for a while back there, but this new disc by the band is unexpected. For one, when one says “for a while” the time span referred to is close to twenty years. Second, and this could be because theoretically these are older songs; the music included is of high quality and extreme in its lucidity. What Excites You is indeed an exciting, clear-minded and impressive deliverance on the promise of melodic hard rock. Vocalist Bill Carter does not have a high range, but his singing is extremely clear and articulate. His control of his larynx is what makes this band. This man is a talented singer. The guitars have a high squeal to which they go back often, but in return, the listener is awarded by a bright and powerful guitar sound that is loud, proud and ever so real. Thank goodness for that. The rhythm is not to be left behind. The bass sound of Paul Bigalke is powerful and crackling, while the drummer benefits from one of the better production jobs one would hear on any album. Speaking of which, Screamer has received good value no matter what it paid to Belle City Sound and Chris Wisco. That drum sound of Pat Hainault, for instance, is usually achieved by much bigger and richer financed bands.
What Excites You is an incredible underground tip for fans of melodic hard rock and heavy metal. It is above average on its own merits, but one could only wonder if the band’s '80s roots have had something to do with band’s sound being grounded so well. - Ali “The Metallian”