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Earlier I pulled out Slaughter's previous CD, 1997's Revolution, for a spin. A very rare occurrence given the fact that it has been sitting on the shelf since that first listen when I got it two years ago. If not for the love of music, then why was I listening to it? I was merely reassuring myself that my impression of its being a weak, soft rock album is indeed accurate. And yes it is! I was double checking because this new slab of music is a full tilt rocking commercially sleazy hard rock. It's like the 80's never went away. Or perhaps the grunge/ alternative bubble has burst? Whatever the case, fans of old Slaughter (sans too much lip stick), old Crüe and Aerosmith should hear this. Not that I was ever a fan of these poseurs - I recall interviewing the band 7 years ago with their make up artist present! But this one kicks. And oh I so welcome the departure of the real poseurs: Nirvana and the like fans - take your gas station attendant outfits and bite the dust. The best Slaughter album so far features a new guitar man replacing Tim who passed away.Trailer Park Boogie is both guitar-driven and Guns'n Roses-ish. On My Own is a rockin' ballad worthy of 1988. It's a great song reminiscent of Whitesnake. Close by is the Aerosmith-like Headin For a Dream. Not that it's all slow: Silence of Ba begins with an acoustic piece like Rush would compose and then everything else is jamming. All in all a great hard rock album bursting with energy, and no alternative/ grunge poseurs in sight. - Ali "The Metallian"