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Spiritus Mortis seems to have been around forever and has only now been given the chance to release an album (though read this review’s last paragraph for more on that). Apparently, doom metal is not popular in Finland.
To be fair, the quintet is best described as a cross between heavy rock and doom metal. While certain songs lend themselves to the doom metal title and comparisons to Candlemass, Hammer Of Misfortune theatrics or Black Sabbath, others take one back 35 years and the sounds of bands like Blue Cheer, Iron Butterfly and Elf.
The song Leave Me, for instance, is classic doom metal, while All The Words Were Spoken is more along the lines of heavy rock produced in the late '60s and early '70s. Divine Wind is more upbeat and akin to the stuff issued by Hellhound Records. This song ends with a Diamond Head riff. An odd moment comes courtesy of song number seven, Sleeping Beneath The Lawn (At Dawn They Sleep?) that clones Slayer in slow motion. Purely Satanic lyrics accompany the track, which incidentally is not out of the ordinary on Fallen. All This In The Name Of Love has more horrific tracks, while album closer Goodbye has fitting lines suggesting that the band pays special attention to the lyrical aspect. Some melancholic vocals, some vocals analogous to Joe Cocker and the odd Purple-ish organ sum up the sound and vibe of these Finns who must be as lonesome as the cross on the album’s cover.
By the way, please do not hesitate should you be inclined to pick this album up. The label has gone bankrupt and in-store copies will soon be as scarce as George Bush’s sense of justice. - Ali “The Metallian”


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