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The new Wolverine album has brilliant vocals, superb musicianship and a clear sound - although Agatha Christie is investigating the case of the missing snare drums. The band specializes in soft and progressive rock. Wolverine is a great band within those parametres. There are snippets where the act sounds like Marillion or Saga, but on most occasions the boys have an original stance. The music is layered and features many subtle textures. Although the band stays away from the complexity or the technicality that is the bread and butter of many progressive rock bands. Even the keyboards are kept to a minimum. Instead Wolverine's focus is on writing songs. One of the better ones showcasing the band's talent is New Best Friend. Then again, that is followed immediately by a space filling instrumental called Tightrope which serves no purpose other than make the CD run longer.
What is cool is the long haired guys in the band - yummy!
In summary, Wolverine is a good band. It is just that the band is not our kind of a good band. - Sheila Wes Det

When it comes down to it Wolverine and its re-released album The Window Purpose encompass the essentials of progressive rock. While many are content to term themselves or whatever mimics Dream Theater as prog rock, Wolverine with its myriad of sounds and plethora of moods should truly be termed progressive. For one, it hardly copies others. For another, there are so many different styles on this one disc alone - technical instrumentation, new age, rock, soft rock, hard rock, et cetra - that the sextet's broad-minded ambition defines its own uncharted soundscape. That is the definition of progressive music. The album features sixty seven minutes of well-produced music and, in this edition, comes with a bonus song. The Window Purpose should transcend the fanatics in appeal. - Ali "The Metallian"

For all intents and purposes Wolverine’s days as a metal band are over. The pony-tailed five’s first album for Candlelight (the band was dropped by Earache/Elitist following last year’s turmoil) is a soft progressive rock album dripping in melancholy sophistication. These songs might even be fit for the radio except the musicianship is of too high a calibre to be consumed by the teenyboppers looking for the last hit fad. The smooth vocals, velvet melodies and slow gliding music speak for themselves, but comparisons to Evergrey, Arena or new Anathema would be fitting. Sleepy Town is almost danceable and could be a single with its acoustic guitars. Liar On The Mount exposes US president George W. Bush. This Cold Heart Of Mine is harder of the batch. The album is neither hard nor very complicated, but it is easy to see why Wolverine commands much respect. The band has a class and tranquillity that is rare nowadays. - Sheila Wes Det