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Here comes yet another side project, something which is fast becoming the trendy plague of the new century. It will not last, but in the interim will choke the scene as the so-called tribute albums were a couple of years ago.
One wishes Frank Killjoy of Necrophagia, Eibon, Enoch, Ravenous, Killjoy, etc. would have remained retired. It would have saved us from the weekly dosage of side projects he farts out with alarming regularity. Labels are falling all over each other signing every side-project of Joe, Bill, Tom, Dick and Harry of Mayhem, Necrophagia, Pantera, Immortal, Napalm Death and, hell why not, anyone else who cares to defecate a couple of generic and boring tunes in the studio and mail them in. Wurdulak also features, among others, Maniac of Mayhem, Bomberus, Eibon; Iscariah of Pain, Grimfist and Immortal and Frediablo of Deride, Necrophagia, Grimfist, Gorelord and Soul Forsaken. It all sounds wonderful. The glossy advertisement-parades/magazines will give these the standard thumbs-up, the band members will conduct interview sessions speaking of the need to express their art - since they deeply, madly, devoutly believe in black, power, speed, death, dark, doom, pop, gothic, progressive, viking and poser metal simultaneously - and also speak of wanting the wishes of their fans granted (cough cough) by releasing this crud.
It all sounds fine and dandy until the accountant calls back just after the end of the fiscal year to inform these A&R prodigies that their valued respective record companies are bankrupt. "What do you mean we are bankrupt? We flushed 666 side-projects onto the market this year!" Apparently some people refuse to learn the lessons of the scene. If latching onto trends and flooding the market worked, then the scene's tribute CD Czars Dwell and Black Sun Records would be kings of the heap today. The only sad part is how these labels not only damn themselves by releasing unnecessary detritus, but also break the back of our scene by unleashing the flood of crap and in the process stealing money from the fans' pockets.
The one other thing this writer wishes to voice about Severed Eyes Of Possession is how the poor crow on the cover had better not have been hurt for the faux photograph. The poor thing would have suffered needlessly - Ali "The Metallian"