Vicious Attack - 1985 - Combat
The Only Safe Place - 1986 - Combat


S= Sceptre>>John Cyriis>>Agent Steel - Electric Head>>Steve Gaines>>Bloodlust, Electric Head, Pagan War Machine, Solo, Anger As Art – Court Marshall, Vermin, Heretic>>Mike Towers>>B.O.W.A.
G= Juan Garcia>>Agent Steel, Evildead, Body Count, Masters Of Metal – Evildead>>MARK CARO>>Evildead, Shark – Anger As Art>>DANNY OLIVERIO>>Anger As Art
B= Mel Sanchez>>Evildead
D= Robert 'Danger' Wayne – MX Machine>>Danny Anaya>>MX Machine


These thrashers first appeared with the song Scream from The Grave on Metal Massacre IV compilation with John Cyriis on vocals. They eventually opened for the likes of Metallica and W.A.S.P. The band split up after Sanchez left for Evildead. The band reformed multiple times and there were plans for a 2001 album. Gaines was also on bass. No Sleep 'Til Kalamazoo - Live! was a 2001 demo. It was recorded at the Classic Metal Festival in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA. Instead Gaines joined Pagan War Machine with Jim Durkin of Dreams Of Damnation/Dark Angel in 2003. Danny Anaya died in 2017.