Abdullah - 2000 - Meteor City
Graveyard Poetry - 2002 - Meteor City

Abdullah image
S= Sloth, Breaker>>Jeff Shirilla>>Breaker, This Is Antarctica, The Rats Are Coming The Werewolves Are Here

G= ALAN SEIBERT - Sofa King Killer>>Chris Chiera - Keelhaul>>Aaron Dallison

B= Boulder>>Jim Walters>>Destructor, Mach II, Midnight - Sinister, Byron Nemeth>>ED STEPHENS>>Byron Nemeth

D= Sloth>>Jeff Shirillia>>Breaker, Holy Ghost - Mike Farley Band>>Jim Simonian

History & Biography
Abdullah was formed late 1998 by an ex-Sloth member and was named after the Mad Arab Abdullah Alhazad the Syrian discoverer of the Necronomicon - The Book Of The Dead. Another account had the band choosing the moniker after Abdullah the Butcher a wrestler!

Seibert would soon join Shirilla through a flyer at a record store. At this point Alex, Shirilla's stepbrother handled the bass in Abdullah. The band released the Snake Lore demo in 1999, which was pressed onto CD by England's Rage Of Achilles.

Shirilla would also join heavy metallers Breaker in 2002. The connection was established when Abdullah was recording at 609 Recording Studio with Breaker guitarist Don Depew. In that year the band played at the Metal Meltdown Festival in New Jersey. Graveyard Poetry was issued in September of 2002. The album was given a release in Europe by People Like You Records. In the meanwhile Dallison had joined the band on second guitar. A couple of demos were issued. As of 2009 the band was taking a break that would allow Jeff Shirilla to concentrate on a new project called This Is Antarctica. The band had just played a goodbye show in Cleveland, Ohio.

Abdullah was described as a cross between Black Sabbath and Venom.