Intercourse & Lust - 1996 - Modern Invasion
The Gig Of Wrath – 2003 – Witching Metal
Forever Street Metal Bitch – 2003 – Drakkar
Diabolical Nights Of Infernal Destruction – 2003 - Misanthropic Propaganda
Spell Of The Pentagram – 2004 – Iron Fist
Fucking Louder Than Hell – 2004 – From Beyond
Posesion Demoniaca – 2005 – The Force
Alive... In Italy – 2005 – Time Before Time
Ultimate Unholy Death – 2005 - Nuclear War Now!
Alive... In Thailand – 2006 - Witchhammer
Alive... In USA – 2006 – Stygian Shadows
Alive... In Singapore – 2008 – H.M.S.S.
Alive... In Tokyo – 2008 – H.M.S.S.
Alive In... Osaka – 2009 – H.M.S.S.
Alive In... Germany – 2010 – H.M.S.S.
Alive... In Tokyo Part 2 – 2010 - The Northern Cold
Sweet Baby Metal Slut – 2010 - Nuclear War Now!
Alive In Nagoya – 2011 – H.M.S.S.
Alive In... Bangladesh – 2012 – H.M.S.S.
Alive In... India – 2012 – H.M.S.S.
Alive In Sappolo – 2013 – H.M.S.S.
Live At Road To Hell Vol 3 – 2013 - Witchhammer
Live At El Puente Yokohama – 2014 – Infernal Kommando
Farewell To Metal Slut In Nagoya – 2014 - Infernal Kommando
Live At Grind Freaks In Nagoya – 2015 – Black Bunker
Massive Kamikaze Attack – 2015 - Infernal Kommando
Sweet Baby Metal Slut Gig – 2016 - War Kommand
The Final Damnation – 2016 - Nuclear War Now!
Alive...In France – 2016 – Sabbath’s Fire
Live Yakuza – 2016 – Epidemia
Live Crescendo 97 – 2017 – Hellfire Blasphemy Night In Beijing – 2017 – Thrashing Cult
Blasphemy Night In Beijing - 垂死邪典金属の夜 – 2017 – Thrashing Cult
Alive... In Chicago - 2018 – H.M.S.S.
Alive... In Quebec – 2018 – H.M.S.S.
Alive... In Poland – 2020 – H.M.S.S.

Abigail image
S= Barbatos, Tiger Junkies>>YASUYUKI SUZUKI>>Barbatos, Tiger Junkies

G= Barbatos, Tiger Junkies>>YASUYUKI SUZUKI>>Barbatos, Tiger Junkies - Yasunori – Yasunori Nagamine – Gorgon, Metalucifer, Barbatos, Buried Alive, Genocide>>JERO [NOBORU SAKUMA]>>Gorgon, Metalucifer, Barbatos, Buried Alive, Genocide

B= Barbatos, Tiger Junkies, Cut Throat>>YASUYUKI SUZUKI>>Barbatos, Tiger Junkies, Cut Throat

D= Youhei Ono>>Barbatos, Cut Throat - Barbatos, Cut Throat>>YOUHEI ONO>>Barbatos, Cut Throat

History & Biography
Like many East Asian bands when Abigail - one can already tell from where the bands influences are derived - was formed in January of 1992, the trio was mostly into old ‘80s’ thrash and black metal. A self-titled demo 92 was followed by some shows with Sigh, the departure of everyone except Mr Suzuki (the band became a one-man project), a demo called Blasphemy Night in 1993, A 7" EP on HSB Records of Holland, which was a teenager in his mother's basement, entitled Descending From A Blackend Sky, a split CD with Funeral Winds (later Liar Of Golgotha) through Colombia's Warmaster Records, a teenager in his mother's shed, the return of the guitarist and drummer and finally another 7" EP on Canada's Of Gods Grace Productions, a teenager this time headquartered in his mother's attic.

Australia's Modern Invasion Records signed the band in 1996 and the band put out its debut full-length through the label. The band was supposedly active and toured Europe with Impiety. Witching Metal, which issued The Gig Of Wrath in 2003 was the label of Joel Grind who also played guitar for the band. Most Of The Gig Of Wrath was recorded live in Tokyo, the eastern capital of Japan. Alive... In Tokyo was recorded at the band’s fifteenth anniversary show. Alive In Nagoya’s opening track title is misspelt. Alive In Sappolo was recorded to commemorate the band’s twentieth anniversary. The band played in the USA in 2016 and Canada in 2018. Japan-based Abigail had a 7” called Far East Black Metal Onslaught through Helldprod Records on the 7th of August 2018.

Presumably, because the band’s members do not own CD players most albums are cassette releases. Most live albums commemorate and honour local and unknown prostitutes, groupies and future conservative activist whores by placing them on the cover. On occasion, however, live albums - like Alive In India - feature well-known national prostitutes, groupies and future conservative activist whores. Satoshi Ishida joined as the live show guitarist in 2017. If one thinks the band has so many live albums then the number of splits, EPs and singles is something to behold. Unfortunately, listing them all here would exceed our annual bandwidth allotment and moreover bring down the Internet.