Symbiosis - 2012 - Metal Blade
Casuistry – 2015 - Metal Blade
Ikigai - 2021 - The Artisan Era

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Alex Vasquez>>Lillake - Lattermath, Scale The Summit,Fallujah>>KILIAN DUARTE>>Lattermath, Scale The Summit, Fallujah

Death Crowned King>>Andres Hurtado - Brent Phillips - Dreaded Silence, Your Pain Is Endearing, With No Remorse, Vallon, Shroud Of Bereavement, Coffin Birth, Pathogenic, Lattermath, Cadaveryne, Mimesis, Visitant, Soul Annihilation, Vallon>>ANTHONY LUSK-SIMONE>>Lattermath, Cadaveryne, Mimesis, Visitant, Soul Annihilation, Vallon,

History & Biography
Technical death metallers Abiotic had a busy summer of 2013. In addition to dates with The Faceless, as well as being confirmed to open the July 29th Summer Slaughter show, Abiotic would join up with Within The Ruins for a string of dates in the USA that June.

The Miami-based band was formed in 2009 and had a 2011 demo called A Universal Plague. The band’s Symbiosis album was issued through Metal Blade in the autumn of 2012. Aaron Stechauner joined as the drummer in 2013. Brent Phillips replaced him. Decrepit Birth’s Matthew Paulazzo replaced him. The band split up in 2016 and returned in 2018 as all bands do. Anthony Lusk-Simone was on drums and Killian Duarte was on bass. Necronomicon was to be a part of the A Relentless Onslaught US Tour with Belphegor, Suffocation and Abiotic in October and November of 2019.

Ikigai, which was issued through The Artisan Era, jumped on the Japanese bandwagon. Kilian Duarte was on bass. Anthony Lusk-Simone was on drums. Ikigai is ‘reason to live.’ The band was working on new music in 2023. Abiotic issued a single called Ocean Of Worldly Suffering, featuring Matt Heafy of Trivium, who was to also produce the band’s upcoming EP in 2023.