If Emotion Still Burns - 1996 - No Fashion
The Plague - 1997 - No Fashion
Anger, Hate And Fury - 2002 - No Fashion
Black – 2016 – Apostasy
Among Ashes And Monoliths – 2021 – Black Lion

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Deification, Immemoreal>>Martin Qvist>>Immemoreal, Deification - Cromlech>>Fredrik Arnesson - Deification, Zahrim>>Kristian Lönnsjö>>Deification, Zahrim – The Incarnation>>JONAS UDD

Roger Johansson - Magnus Carlsson - DENNIE LINDEN - Cromlech>>Anders Lundin - MAGNUS CARLSSON

Cremation, The Ancient’s Rebirth, Morgenes, Deification>>ANDERS BORSSON>>Morgenes, Deification


History & Biography
No Fashion's death metallers had formed a year earlier when in 1994 they released the For Bereavement We Cry demo which was slower in style than the band's later music. Drummer Fredrik Wenzel soon left the band. Another demo simply called demo '95 was next and lead to a contract with No Fashion. Things came to a standstill for a while as the label was changing hands, but the new proprietors were still interested in the band and the parties eventually agreed to forge ahead. Despite good efforts, the band was caught in the confines of having records through No Fashion and using Kristian Wahlin as cover artist.

After The Plague Magnus Carlsson left Ablaze My Sorrow and was replaced by Anders Lundin from Cromlech. After that, the band took a long break. After the break, Magnus Carlsson returned and both Anders Lundin and Fredrik Arnesson left the band. After a long period of inactivity 2002 brought a new album by the band entitled Anger, Hate And Fury.

Despite having disbanded over three years prior Swedish Gothenburg death metal progenitors Ablaze My Sorrow had a new EP in late 2009, entitled The Suicide Note, through Pronode Records. The band returned of course. That was 2013. The Loss of All Hope was a 2023 EP. ADG Records issued a demo tape cassette box for the band in 2023. It was limited to 100 copies and included the For Bereavement We Cry demo 1994, the Ablaze My Sorrow demo 1995 and a patch.


The band must be darn upset that the side panel of the disc has the title as 'If Emotions Still Burn~!' Regardless of the title typo, the cover is a successful piece of art and one that suits the band's monicker. Even if the name does not exactly suit the band's music. Ablaze My Sorrow? Er, My Dying Bride? For the Swedish five-some fall in the more fast' n heavy scheme of things, as in the early In Flames meets Dissection rather than the usual pile of keyboard-served-on-a-Ioaf-of-goth rubbish. Rest assured that the gang do introduce the 'female vocals' element, for that dimension is not the band's focus and the band pulls an aggressively metallic stance throughout. It is, as the above comparisons signify, both melodic and harmonic and the band does indeed sound a tad too catchy for these tastes; yet overall Ablaze My Sorrow succeeds in holding the listeners’ attention and therefore might be worth your investigation. - Ali "The Metallian"

Although it is rare for a band to be described as 'Swedish death metal' nowadays, the first thought that crosses one's mind upon encountering that tag is none other than those down-tuned guitars as heard on the early Entombed and Grave albums. That attribute though is mostly shunned by bands and labels nowadays out of fear of receiving comparison to the sound of the early '90s (envy little doubt) and of being considered less than innovative. Moreover, Swedish productions regardless of new or old, have consistently favoured all-engulfing and thick guitars. Double the surprise then, when this Swedish band acclaimed proudly as 'Swedish death metal' surprised me with a production emphasizing the bass sounds more than anything else. The guitars are still present and show a fine and agile form; yet out of all the band shunning the aforementioned tag, Ablaze would be the last one exactly corresponding to the sound. Regardless, the band does set things ablaze and presents a good mixture between heavy and death metal. The vocals, which closely resemble At The Gates plus some highs screams, do a good job too as is audible on a multi-layered Mournful Serenade and manages to lift the sophomore album to the ranks of the worthy minority. - Ali "The Metallian"


Ablaze My Sorrow