Contaminating The Hive Mind – 2012 - Sevared
Mechanisms Of Omniscience -2016 – Metal Blade


S= Castrator, Parasitic Extirpation>>MALLIKA SUNDARAMURTHY>>Castrator, Parasitic Extirpation
G= Revengeance>>Ben Durgin – Iranach>>JEREMY HENRY – Ages In Oblivion, Forced Asphyxiation>>SAM KIRSCH>>Ages In Oblivion
B= Neuraxis, Sexcrement, Ascendancy, Abhorred, Abaroth, Strappado, Sarcomancy>>JOSH STAPLES>>Abaroth, Strappado, Sarcomancy
D= Goratory, Teratism>>JAY BLAISDELL>>Teratism


The band was founded in 2005. The 2007 Demo was followed by The Collective Calm In Mortal Oblivion demo. Sevared Records signed the band and issued the group’s debut, Contaminating The Hive Mind. Sam Kirsch joined in 2014 replacing Ben Durgin who had replaced Michael O’Meara in 2010. Massachusetts-based death metal band Abnormality would release its new album, Mechanisms Of Omniscience, on April 29th 2016 through Metal Blade.

Sundaramurthy also joined Castrator in 2013. Bassist Staples jumps from band to band. Michael O'Meara also handled the band upon the band’s formation.