Kali Yuga Bizarre - 1999 - Scarlet
Fire Walk With Us - 2000 - Scarlet
With No Human Intervention - 2003 - World War III
Generator - 2006 - Season Of Mist
Psychogrotesque - 2010 - Season Of Mist
Dirty - 2013 - Agonia
Live In Groningen - 2013 - Dead Seed
Shifting.Negative – 2017 - Agonia


S= Tormentor, Mayhem>>Attila Csihar>>Plasma Pool, North Pole, Mayhem - Yorga - Mysticum>>Prime Evil - Funeral Oration, Void Of Silence, Malfeitor>>MALFEITOR FABBAN>>Funeral Oration, Void Of Silence, Malfeitor - Hour Of Penance, Malfeitor, Shoreborn>>Paolo “Hell-I0-Kabbalus” Pieri>>Hour Of Penance, Malfeitor, Shoreborn
G= Bloodline>>Frathar Sethlans D. T. A.>>Bloodline, Dissection - Nysrok S. Sathanas
B= Funeral Oration, Void Of Silence, Malfeitor>>Malfeitor Fabban>>Funeral Oration, Void Of Silence, Malfeitor
D= Decomposed Cunt, Impostor, Emperor, Thorns, Helvette, Dissection>>Bard G. Eithun [Faust]>>Studfaust
K= Funeral Oration, Void Of Silence, Malfeitor >>MALFEITOR FABBAN>>Funeral Oration, Void Of Silence, Malfeitor


A supposed black metal band, Aborym's claim to fame is the appearance of former Mayhem singer Attila on the first album. The band has industrial stances and frequents drum machines, samples and keyboards.

Kail Yuga Bizarre was released in the autumn of 2002 by WWIII in the USA. Attila Csihar was arrested and jailed in Italy for drug possession in December of 2002.

The band signed a two-album contract with Season of Mist in early 2005. The band announced it will record its new album during April and May in Rome. The band's new members were Bard G. Eithun a.k.a. Faust and Mysticum's singer Prime Evil. The new line-up signed with Season Of Mist. Guitarist Nysrok Infernalien left the band in 2007 apparently because of musical and personal differences with the other members. The Italian industrial black metallers new album Psychogrotesque would hit the stores on November 8th, 2010 through Season Of Mist. The band signed a deal with Agonia Records in 2011. The band's sixth album was to be released in 2012 and coincide with the group's 20th anniversary. Aborym was planning a number of shows in Europe this summer. The band recruited Hour Of Penance guitarist Giulio Moschini and Stamina bassist Lorenzo Zarone. Drummer Bard G. "Faust" Eithun has been replaced by a drum machine. The band again signed with Agonia Records. The band had a wholesale change of line-up in 2016 and by the time Shifting.Negative was out was comprised of four new members and Fabban.