Urine Junkies - 1995 - Relapse
Seminal Vampires And Maggot Men - 1996 - Relapse
Tormented - 2000 - Listenable
Through The Cracks Of Death - 2002 - Peaceville
Damned And Mummified - 2004 - Red Stream
Horrorhammer - 2007 - Tyrant Syndicate
Dawn Of Inhumanity - 2010 - Tyrant Syndicate

S= Death, Burnt Offering, Autopsy, Aborted, The Ravenous>>CHRIS REIFERT>>The Ravenous, Violation Wound, Painted Doll
G= Hexx, Paradox, Autopsy, The Ravenous>>Clint Bower>>The Ravenous - Autopsy, Doomed, Aborted>>DANNY CORALLES>>Autopsy
B= Immortal Fate>>Frank Freeway - Eatmyfuk, Von>>JOE ALLEN>>Autopsy
D= Death, Burnt Offering, Autopsy, Aborted, Doomed, The Ravenous>>CHRIS REIFERT>>The Ravenous, Painted Doll

Rising from the ashes that was Bay Area's Autopsy, Abscess first released its Demo #1 in 1994. Three demo tapes later Relapse picks up the band and releases the debut Urine junkies which is nothing more than a collection of the aforementioned demo tunes. Very much like Autopsy, Reifert is the prime centre of gravity here and members come and go. The band has had a falling out with Relapse and is currently on France's Listenable. The band's sound is still doomy garage death metal and no one can accuse this gang of losing its underground feel and aspirations. To prove the point the band is still active with 7" and 10" projects - not to mention the song titles! Tormented is arguably less punk and more akin to Autopsy.

Displeased Records released Damned And Mummified on vinyl. The band would release its long-promised Horrorhammer album in March, 2007 through Tyrant Syndicate Productions. Abscess was in the studio recording a new album called Dawn Of Inhumanity in the autumn of 2009. The album was to be issued through Tyrant Syndicate Productions. It was released in the spring of 2010. After losing guitarist Clint Bower Abscess ceased activity in mid-2010. Main man Chris Reifert fully reformed Autopsy instead. The band was due to release an EP and LP this year. Horror Pain Gore Death Productions issued Abscess’ Horrorhammer on vinyl in 2018. It was originally released on Darkthrone‘s imprint Tyrant Syndicate in 2007.


I was under the impression that Abscess has split up and gone to metal heaven (or hell if that is more appropriate). Me wrong again, I guess.
So, has the band changed directions? Have the boys found their love for a more commercial style and sound like Korn now? Have they figured out garage metal does not sell and have demoed more trendy material? Is this CD more accessible? Does it have better production? Is it tighter? Will Abscess be asked to tour with Pungent Stench? No, to all of the above. Abscess plays garage metal with definite doom, punk and grindcore influences. - Anna Tergel