Absorbed image
S= Unauthorized>>JIM KLAARMOND>>Solidary Trust, The 8th Sin, Icons Of Brutality

G= Insomnia>>Ferdy 'KADDETH' DOLDERSUM>>Massive Assault, Sledgehammer Nosejob - Venders Of Smut, Makiladoras>>Dennis De Lange>>Makiladoras, The Miracle Men, The No-Goods, De Keefmen, Holy Beggars

B= JEROEN POMPER>>The 8th Sin, Chaos Rising, Icons Of Brutality, God Dethroned, Departed Souls

D= Anti Bitch, Venders Of Smut, Insomnia, Makiladoras>>MICHEL JONKER>>Makiladoras, Darkwaterscam, Descent To Hell, Suffering Quota, Inhumanised, Entrapment, Dead Loyalty, Savage

History & Biography
Following the demise of the industrial/metal band Insomnia, Absorbed saw the light of the Swedeath in the summer of 1997. The Sunset Bleeding EP was recorded on Doldersum's mobile studio. Visions In Bloodred was a 2002 demo. Ferdy left the band to join Massive Assault in January 2003. The band still intended to release a new demo, but it did not appear. The group disbanded.

The standard issue reunion occurred in 2017. The standard issue nothing happened.