Epoch Of Methodic Carnage - 2006 - Brutal Bands
Omnicide – 2009 - Brutal Bands
Cultivate The Apostate – 2014 - Willowtip
The Misanthrope – 2018 - Willowtip

Abysmal Torment image
S= Beheaded>>NICKY FARRUGIA - Mortifieria>>Gordon Formosa – Beheaded, Dying Signals, Erythuria>>MELCHIOR BORG
G= Canniria, Thy Legion>>DAVID DEPASQUALE>>Thy Legion
B= Ben Aquilina>>Item – Karl Romano - CLAUDIO TOSCANO
D= Corpse Disposal>>Wayne Vella – Arachnid, Item, Loath>>MAX VASSALLO>>Item, Loath

Abysmal Torment was formed as Molested in late 2000 on the island of Malta. Following several line-up changes the group appeared on stage in 2002 and issued a demo called Incised Wound Suicide in 2004. The band signed a three-year deal with Brutal Bands and began work on its debut, which was issued in 2006. The label reissued the band’s demo in 2005 first however. An American tour for the band with the likes of Neuraxis was cancelled in 2006 after the band failed to obtain American visas. The group had a video for the title track to The Misanthrope album issued through Willowtip in 2018.


Close your eyes and pick any one of the 10 songs on this 42 minutes album, now open yours eyes and look at the title of the song. No one can doubt as to the style of Abysmal Torment. As consistent as it is grinding death metal Abysmal Torment take the listener to the heaviest and fastest realms complete with some of the famous New York style and drum sound. Relapse Into Sickness starts things off and things rarely let up until Gratification Through Castration, the closer, ends. On the way, one gets Addicted To Smothered Throats, Flayed, Dismembered And Feasted Upon and Battered Into Nothingness to great and immediate effect. From blast beats to low growls to tight technical riffing Epoch Of Methodic Carnage has it all. - Anna Tergel


Abysmal Torment