A Canorous Quartet>>A CANOROUS QUINTET>>the Plague - SWEDEN

Silence Of The World Beyond - 1996 - No Fashion
The Only Pure Hate - 1998 - No Fashion

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S= October Tide>>MARTEN HANSEN>>October Tide, Sins Of Omission

G= The Dead>>LINUS NIBRANT>>The Dead, Guidance Of Sin - Niden Div187>>LEO PIGNON>>Niden Div 187, Curriculum Mortis

B= JESPER LOFGREN>>Guidance Of Sin

D= FREDRIK ANDERSSON>>Amon Amarth, Guidance Of Sin, Curriculum Mortis

History & Biography
The band was formed in 1991 and changed names in 1993 to satisfy a new line up. The demo The Time Of Autumn appears in 1993 and a Promo 94 appears in that year. The next demo entitled As Tears appears later as a MCD on Chaos Records. The band didn’t sound too far from fellow Swedes At The Gates.
The group reunited in 2006 as The Plague.



A Canorous Quintet