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The Conviction - 1987 - Atom H Who Dominates Who? - 1989 - Atom H Double Talk -1991 - Atom H Repent - 1992 - Major Reflections - 1994 - Major Taken By The Throat - 1995 - Koch Agitation – 2010 – Red Shift Diabolic – 2013 - Red Shift The Forlorn Divide – 2016 – Metal Blade The Mastery – 2018 - Metal Blade

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Eberhard Weyel – Scartribe, Breaker, Expect No Mercy>>FRANK THOMS

FRANK THOMS - Die Krupps>>Rene Schutz>>Die Krupps - Milan Peschel - DENNIS RYBAKOWSKI

Eberhard Weyel - Guido Venzlaff – Scartribe>>FRANK KIMPEL – Panacea>>Uwe Schmidt

Thomas Kircher - Die Krupps>>Volker Borchert>>Die Krupps - Panacea, Scartribe>>OLIVER FECHNER

History & Biography
Formed by the former Breaker members, Siegel, Germany's techno thrashers saw a fair amount of promotion during their lifetime. This rarely resulted in actual sales though. The band consistently toured, among others with Mucky pup, Grinder, Kreator and Despair, yet never reached critical mass. Repent featured the trendy Die Krupps. After a frustrating tour the band gave up and left the scene. No wonder success eluded the band for they were describing themselves as New Heavy Street Groove by that time. Taken By The Throat was the group's only album officially released in North America. The band became Scartribe for 2004 to 2008 and reverted back in 2008 as most bands do.

Accu§er picked Diabolic as the title for its next album, due out in April 2013 through Red Shift Music/H'art. The album would be recorded in October at Gernhart studio with producer Martin Buchwalter (Destruction, etc.). Metal Blade Records signed German thrash metal band Accüser. An Accuser pin was worn by the anti-hero of the 2015 Japanese film Love & Peace. The band would again enter Gernhart Studio with producer Martin Buchwalter to record the follow-up to 2013's Diabolic, which was due for a March 2016 release. The band was now on Metal Blade.