Aporia - 2010 - Prank
Interminable Night - 2011 - Agipunk/Southern Lord
Deathless Master - 2012 - Southern Lord

Acephalix image
S= Vastum>>DANIEL BUTLER>>Vastum
G= Lawless, Vastum, Serpents Of Dawn>>KYLE HOUSE>>Vastum, Serpents Of Dawn
B= Vastum, Necrot, Pistöns>>LUCA INDRIO>>Vastum, Necrot, Pistöns
D= Lawless, Depressor, Dungeon Beast>>DAVE BENSON>>Depressor

Kyle and Dan formed California’s Acephalix as a crust band in 2007 before going deathly. Demos emerged in 2008 until Prank issued the Patricide EP in 2009. The label issued the band’s first full-length album, which featured four songs. The songs were heard a year earlier on the band’s demo. The 2010 self-demo Interminable Night (three tracks) was followed by another called Flesh Torn In Twilight before the demos tapes were compiled into a full-length in 2011. Agipunk pressed the vinyl of 1000 copies while Southern Lord presided over the CD version. The group was touring with Undergang. Acephalix would release its next album, Deathless Master, through Southern Lord in April of 2012.