Pieces Of Mankind - 1998 - Metal Mad
Random's Manifest - 2000 - Black Lotus
Eidolon – 2012 - Noisehead
Hall Of Mirrors – 2015 – 7Hard
Primal Energies - 2019 - 7Hard

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Brainfade, Kinetic>>SAVVAS JAKE BETINIS>>Kinetic

Themis Katsimichas - Retrospect>>Nick Andreadakis - Kinetic>>Savvas Jake Betinis>>Kinetic - The Crucifier, Tornado, Released Anger>>JOHN ANAGNOSTOU>>Tornado, Released Anger – Infidel, Piranha>>DENNIS KOSTOPOULOS>>Infidel, Piranha

Dennis Kostopoulos - Nick Andreadakis - Brainfade, Kinetic>>SAVVAS JAKE BETINIS>>Kinetic

Imaginery>>Costas Tsombanos>>Imaginery – Powerdrops, Brainfade, Kinetic, Ivory Soul>>KOSTAS ALEXAKIS>>Kinetic

History & Biography
This band was formed as early as 1990 and with Apathy Murders Hope had an EP on Molon Lave in 1993 and a split with Avulsed the year next. The group was inactive for a couple of years due to the members' military conscription. In 1998 the band used Metal Mad Music to release its full-length CD entitled Pieces Of Mankind. Copro Records rereleased this record after a remix a year later. Singer Savvas and Copro Records' owners, who were in Gomorrah, were old acquaintances. Acid Death was a thrash/death band with not much of a profile or fan base. The band curtailed its live work due to a lack of attendance by concert goers. Themis Katsimichas left in 1998. He cited his obligation to his family. Nick Andreadakis was the new man and stayed for two years. The band used Retrospect keyboard man Babis for a while, but ended up not making him permanent despite earlier intending to. Babis would go on his world tour every band possible after finishing his military duties.

Greece's Acid Death reformed in 2011 and was working on new material. The line-up had little to do with the original gang and was Savvas Betinis (bass guitar/lead vocals), Dennis Kostopoulos and Gus K (lead & rhythm guitars) and Kostas Alexakis (drums). Acid Death had a 2017 album called Hall Of Mirrors. The band, which reformed in 2011, hailed from Greece.

Four Greek bands were to have a joint concert in early 2022, but COVID forced a cancellation. Acid Death, Death Courier, Piranha and Selefice tried again in May. The Greece-based death metal band was working on a new album in 2022 and hoped to enter the studio to record the follow-up to Primal Energies in the middle of 2023. The band was booked for Doc’s Metal Matinee and Doc's Metalfest in The Netherlands in October 2023.



Acid Death