Pieces Of Mankind - 1998 - Metal Mad
Random's Manifest - 2000 - Black Lotus
Eidolon – 2012 - Noisehead
Hall Of Mirrors – 2017 – 7Hard

Acid Death image
S= Kinetic>>SAVVAS JAKE BETINIS>>Kinetic
G= Kinetic>>Savvas Jake Betinis>>Kinetic - The Crucifier, Released Anger>>JOHN ANAGNOSTOU>>Released Anger – Infidel>>DENNIS KOSTOPOULOS>>Infidel
B= Deniss C. - Nick A. - Kinetic>>SAVVAS JAKE BETINIS>>Kinetic
D= Costas Tsombanos – Brainfade, Kinetic, Ivory Soul>>KOSTAS ALEXAKIS

This band was formed as early as 1990 and with Apathy Murders Hope had an EP on Molon Lave in 1993 and a split with Avulsed the year next. In 1998 the band used Metal Mad Music to release its full-length CD entitled Pieces Of Mankind. Acid Death was a thrash/death band.

Greece's Acid Death reformed in 2011 and was working on new material. The line-up had little to do with the original gang and was Savvas Betinis (bass guitar/lead vocals), Dennis Kostopoulos and Gus K (lead & rhythm guitars) and Kostas Alexakis (drums). Acid Death had a 2017 album called Hall Of Mirrors. The band, which reformed in 2011, hailed from Greece.

The Greece-based death metal band was working on a new album in 2022 and hoped to enter the studio to record the follow-up to Primal Energies in the middle of 2023.



Acid Death