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Razend, The Covering>>CORINNE VAN DE BRAND>>Razend, The Covering

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Razend, The Covering>>CORINNE VAN DE BRAND>>Razend, The Covering

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History & Biography
Formed in 1989, the Dutch death metal unit forms after schoolmates Jos and Richard get together. Jos' sister Corinne asked to join the band on vocals and following the departure of original drummer Roeland, who departed to concentrate on his other band and studies, Serge whose own band had split up joined the band. Named after a type of poetry where the first letters of each line form a phrase, the band began rehearsing in the August of 1989 and played old United Brains' songs. Even though the band did attempt it, debut demo Prologue (released in March of 1990 and recorded on a four track) contained no Acrostics. Swiss act Mordor wrote a song called Lamentations for Corinne. Selling 500 copies of the demo, the band followed up with another tape in 1991 entitled Dehumanized this time recorded on a 16-track machine. This effort featured the tracks Dehumanized and Thriving On Chaos on side one and Exasperation and Lost Remembrance on side two. Selling just below 1,000 copies, the band signed with the ill-reputed label (although Acrostichon never had a complaint) Seraphic Decay and released a 7" entitled Lost Remembrance, released a Live '91 tape and appeared on a CD sampler. The band also made an appearance on the first of the famous DSFA compilations.

Signing to the subsidiary of industrial label Intellectual Convulsion, the band's debut CD appeared in 1993 (produced to the band's eventual disappointment by Colin Richardson) and was immediately a hit with fans of death metal and grindcore. The album was behind schedule for a year. The vocals of Corinne were deep and effective and many find it difficult to believe a female has the vocal range. Despite a self-arranged 4-date mini tour with Samael and Tiamat, the label's lack of funding and the fact that two band members attended school and the other two worked full-time did little for the band's chances. By the time the second album and an EP entitled Forgotten appear (both in 1995) the band had lost Richard (though he remained responsible for the artwork), much interest and things fell apart after some shows with Sinister and others. The band became Outburst in 1998 without Corinne and remained so for more than a decade.

The band was announced as co-headliner for Mario's Metal Meeting festival on October 4th, 2009 in Tilburg, Holland alongside Holy Moses. Jos and Corinne had a band called Razend, which released a CD in 2016. Acrostichon was on ice.