Hot Rox - 1984 - Philips
Heart Raiser – 1985 - Philips
Warning In The Night – 1986 - Philips
Movin' And Rockin' – 1987 - Victor
Overload – 1988 – Victor
Interaction – 1988 – Victor
Dō – 1989 – Victor
Guilty Rose – 2005 – Daipro-X
Mystic Blue – 2007 - Daipro-X

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山水館, Novela>>YOSHIRO TAKAHASI>>Eros – Prowler>>Daisuke Hirokawa – 山水館, Novela>>Mototsugu ‘Mock’ Yamane – TAKECHIYO [KAZUHITO TAKENAGA]>>Eros, Pierce

Ranmarudan>>Keichi Otani - Ranmarudan>>KEICHI OTANI

Novela>>Eijiro Akita>>Eros - Hitoshi Motomiya>>Pierce - Sophia, Jacks’N’Joker, Novela, Vienna>>Ryuuichi Nishida>>Ra: IN, Loudness, Punish – Chaki – Novela>>EIJIRO AKITA>>Eros

History & Biography
This Osaka-based heavy metal band was founded from the ashes of Novela, which itself was a continuation of 山水館 where Takahashi was on vocals and bass, in 1982 and disbanded in 1998. There was a band called Sansuikan since 1974 even before Novela. The group reformed for some five years in 2003. The band opened for Rainbow locally even before its debut album. Action! Vol. 1 was a video by Philips in 1984. The label also released an EP called Action! Kit, which was a package with extra goodies. These became a tradition. The second album offered a scratch and sniff patch on the back. Action! played the Grand Metal Live 5th Japan Heavy Metal Fantasy festival in 1984. Also on the bill was 44Magnum, X-Ray, Marino, Arouge, Rajas and Misako Honjo. Akita and Yamane left in order in 1985. By the time the group moved over to Victor the image had changed to business suits. Akita, who was also a former Novela member, had guested on the debut EP and appeared on the final album. Three members were in Eros in 2008. Action! 30th Anniversary – Action! Kit – 2014 was just that. It included various goodies and a DVD. The band Action! was the subject of a compilation called Action! 40th Anniversary in 2024. It contained two CDs and a DVD. This followed another compilation for the 30th anniversary in 2014.

A fictitious band called Betty Blue, which was concocted for a TV serial in Japan called Magical Road, covered Action!’s song 夢みる頃すぎて, which was from the 1988 album Interaction. This cover version became the show’s theme song and Betty Blue, featuring Rajas bassist Noriko, would go on to become a bona fide music band.