Stench Of Centuries - 2004 - Osmose
Maat - 2006 - Osmose

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History & Biography
Act Of Gods was formed in September of 2001 by Phil the former bassist of Mutilated and Abyssals. Now playing guitars, Phil recruited another former Mutilated man, drummer Guillaume. Next in was singer Ventylator.

This line-up entered LB Lab Studio in March of 2002 and recorded the Dies Irae demo. Stephane Buriez and Francois Jamin produced the demo. The demo yielded fruit when the band signed a three-album deal with Osmose Productions. Guitarist Doster Isk joined the band in October of 2002 in order to thicken the band's sound in the studio and in the live arena. In May of 2003 Osmose released the Dies Irae demo an official MCD. In the meanwhile, the act prepared to return to LB Lab Studio to record its debut full-length album.

Stench Of Centuries was released in the spring of 2004 and featured Bertrand on bass. The bassist left the band following the release of 2006’s Maat. The album sported a new logo for the band.


Something's afoot in France. Act Of Gods is another death metal band from the country previously not readily associated with brutality. Ignoring the suspect name and cliched title, the three-song MCD is actually good. The band smashes its instruments to pieces in order to bring the listener pure death metal and the vocalist grunts like a deranged gorilla. The closest comparisons to Act Of Gods would be Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel's Altars Of Madness. Information is scant about the band. For example, it seems the band is lacking a bassist at the moment. Either way, Dies Irae is the band's 2002 demo on CD and a teaser for a first full-length by the band expected at the end of this year. - Ali "The Metallian"

It must be a pain in the neck for so many metal magazine reviewers to come across an album like Act Of Gods' Stench Of Centuries. After all, it has been years since writers for England's now-defunct Metal Forces started complaining about bands like this with phrases like 'speed for speed's sake' or Germany's Rock Hard conjectured that people who buy albums from bands like Napalm Death might as well flush their money down the toilet. Of course, as any impartial observer knows, commercial metal outlets hardly write any negative reviews anymore - Osmose Productions is an advertiser to boot - but the actual writers themselves must hate their own guts for having to put up with extreme music like this. After all, everyone knows that the future of metal sounds like the new In Flames (puke) or that a new Savatage (more puke) album must be just around the corner.
Fact is, that Act Of Gods is a speed for speed's sake extravaganza and that is a good thing. Most people listening to this barrage of puking, blasting, exploding discharge can only hate it and rightly so. That albums like this keep coming out speaks to the honesty and resiliency of metal and its legitimate and logical sub-genre death metal. It is just that the pleasure is heightened when one imagines how some schmuck glossy metal magazine staff writer is suffering listening to this while unavoidably according it the obligatory praise. 9/10! - Ali "The Metallian"

The band is described in several superlative ways like “loaded with intense drumming” or “deranged guitar riffs” and “pure missile in your face” all of which seem so apt and true. Act Of Gods hails from France and is all about the rough and ready world of grind and death metal that roughly bands like Sinister and Napalm Death have occupied. This is not a band worried about gaining good reviews in Terrorizer magazine (although the band Terrorizer’s After World Obliteration is covered on the album) or hiring a trendy producer to get a polished sound. Act Of Gods growls and belches at high speeds and is bristling with noisy solos and blasting drums. The title track is an instrumental, but the rest of the disc is packed with different vocals and 666 savage riffs. Acts Of Gods is bound to annoy people in name and in music. The album comes with a live video clip. - Anna Tergel


Act Of Gods