Fatal Attraction - 1985 - Geffen
Pure S.e.x. - 1990 - FM
Third World Roar - 2003 - Coalition


S= Tyrant, TKO, Steeler, Last Bandits, Get Animal>>ADAM BOMB [ADAM BRENNER]>>Last Bandits, Get Animal
G= Aerosmith, Flame>>Jimmy Crespo>> Stress - Neil O'Connor
B= Billy Idol>>Phil Feit
D= Riot>>Sandy Salvin


Brenner is a Van Halen-inspired Seattle guitarist who played in a cover band called Tyrant with Geoff Tate. He later played guitar for TKO. At first this super group (est. 1984) put together a commercial metal album that received some attention. The band's second album was initially recorded for Geffen as well, but the act ends up being dropped before the release date.
With a long hiatus, new guitarist and an unremarkable second effort (even a saxophone crept in) the band disappeared from the scene. Adam Bomb would play in bars and clubs for most of the nineties before obtaining a deal with SPV for his band Get Animal. Adam Bomb would also begin collaborating with Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones and Hanoi Rocks' Michael Monroe at this time.
Adam Bomb recorded Third World Roar, a concept album about 9/11, terrorism, and the contemporary climate. The album was completed on September 11, 2002 and released in 2003. The band toured the UK in support of the CD.



Adam Bomb