December’s Cold Winter>>ADVENT OF BEDLAM - COSTA RICA

Human Portal Phenomenon – 2018 - Horror Pain Gore Death


S= Animus Barathrum, Belial Horde>>ROY ZUMBADO
G= Corpse Garden>>FABIAN SALAS>>Corpse Garden - MAX GUTIERREZ
B= Postmortem, Umbrarum>>JOSEPH VILLALTA>>Umbrarum
D= Grave Desecration>>LUIS ORTIZ


The band was founded in 2009, but existed for almost a decade as December's Cold Winter. The band issued a 2010 demo called Behold The Chaos. Flesh Over God followed. Shannon Hamm and Tim Aymar played at a Chuck Schuldiner tribute show at Latino Rock Café in San Jose, Costa Rica on December 18th 2011. Members from local metal bands Black Gallery, Advent Of Bedlam and Pseudostratified Epithelium joined them. Guitarist Isak Arroyo left in 2017. The “progressive death metal” band Advent Of Bedlam had an album called Human Portal Phenomenon through Horror Pain Gore Death. There was nothing progressive about the Costa Rica-based act.