Cendres Et Sang – 2011 - Code666
Extance – 2014 - Code666
Hypnosophy – 2016 - Code666


S= Katavasia, Black Winter, Majeste Simphonia, Disolvo Animus>>ASTROUS [PANOS ARGIRIOU]>>Katavasia, Black Winter, Majeste Simphonia, Disolvo Animus
G= Nethescerial>>Dagwn>>Nethescerial, Disolvo Animus, Akrotheism – Incorporeal, Tortured, Katavasia, Varathron>>ACHILLEAS C. [ACHILLEAS ΚALANTZIS]>>Katavasia, Varathron – ANAX [JOHN MEMOS]
B= Dunkel, Acid Rain>>Thyragon [Spyros Apostolou]
D= Septuagint>>NYCRIZ>>Septuagint


The band was founded in 2005 and issued a demo called Promo '07 in 2007. Astrous had joined in 2006. Achilleas C. left in 2008 and returned in 2009. Canada’s Bleak Art Records issued an EP called Phenomenon. A split with Romania’s Satanochio followed. Code666 signed the band and issued Cendres Et Sang. Thyragon left in 2015. Greek band Aenaon would release an album in November 2016 through Code666. Entitled Hypnosophy, the seven-track release was captured at Crown Audio Conspiracies.

Orestis Zyrinis plays saxophone in the band. ‘Aenaon’ means ‘forever’ in Greek. Naer Mataron’s 2000 album was called Skotos Aenaon.