Defaced Creation>>AEON - SWEDEN

Bleeding The False - 2005 - Unique Leader
Rise To Dominate - 2007 - Metal Blade
Path Of Fire - 2010 - Metal Blade
Aeons Black - 2012 - Metal Blade
God Ends Here – 2021 – Metal Blade

S= Diabolicum>>TOMMY DAHLSTRÖM>>Diabolicum
G= And Angels Wept, A-Team, Diabolicum>>ZEB NILSSON>>And Angels Wept, A-Team, Diabolicum - Morgan Nodbakk - Sanctification, The Quinox Ov The Gods, Souldrainer>>Daniel Dlimi>>Souldrainer - Sanctification, The Quinox Ov The Gods, Souldrainer>>DANIEL DLIMI
B= Johan Hjelm - Dimension 34, Oltued>>Max Carlberg>>Dimension 34, Oltued - Souldrainer, In Battle, Sanctification, Endless Torture>>Markus Edvardsson>>Souldrainer, Sanctification, Endless Torture - Zophrenia>>TONY ÖSTMAN
D= And Angels Wept, Diabolicum>>Artu Malkki>>And Angels Wept, Diabolicum – Sanctification, Souldrainer, Dark Funeral>>Nils Fjellström>>Souldrainer, A*Teem, Dark Funeral, The Wretched End - Sanctification, Souldrainer, Dark Funeral, A*Teem, The Wretched End>>Nils Fjellström>>Souldrainer, Dark Funeral, The Wretched End, A*Teem – Defaced Creation, Diabolicum, Sanctification, The Equinox Ov The Gods>>Arttu Malkki>>Sanctification, The Equinox Ov The Gods – Deals Death, Ruined Soul, Chronic Torment, Despite, Night Crowned, Anubis, Bloodshot Dawn, Imperium, Dark Funeral, Evocation, Ironmaster>>JANNE JALOMA>>Ruined Soul, Despite, Night Crowned, Imperium, Dark Funeral, Ironmaster

The band is the successor to the Swedish underground entity Defaced Creation which split up in 1998. Only Nodbakk is a new member. The band signed to Necropolis Records. The Swedish gang specialized in American-style death metal. Their introductory EP was the band's demo on CD. The band’s Rise To Dominate album, its debut for Metal Blade, was mixed by Dan Swanö. The group had to cancel its appearance at the Metal Blade’s 25th anniversary festivals because its drummer was busy with Dark Funeral. A stand-in drummer was ultimately nixed. The band, which was working on its album Rise To Dominate permanently, lost drummer Nils Fjellström to Dark Funeral in the autumn of 2007. The band subsequently welcomed back drummer Nils Fjellström at the beginning of 2008 and was claiming the man’s activities in other bands did not cause his forced departure earlier. Nils would additionally join The Wretched End in 2010! Aeon parted ways with bassist Max Carlberg in 2009 due to touring tribulations and immediately replaced him with former Satyriconer Victor Brandt. The man would join Entombed in 2010. Aeon picked Path Of Fire as the title for its third album, which was due later in 2010 through Metal Blade Records. The CD was recorded in September 2009 at Empire Studio in Östersund, Sweden. Drummer Nils Fjellström has left Aeon prompting the band to search for a replacement while calling the former member unreliable. The drummer had also been booted from Dark Funeral.

Swedish band Aeon would issue Aeons Black through Metal Blade Records on November 20, 2012. It was recorded at Empire Studio in Östersund, Sweden, engineered, mixed and mastered by Ronnie Björnström (Garageland Studios) and features cover art by Kristian “Necrolord” Wåhlin. Arttu Malkki of Defaced Creation was on drums. In 2013, drummer Arttu Malkki decided to take a break from Aeon. He and his girlfriend were expecting twins in March and they wanted to focus on the family. The band recruited Emil Wiksten (Blood Red Throne). Guitarist Daniel Dlimi left Aeon in the middle of the autumn of 2013. He cited economic difficulty as the reason for his departure. Aeon recruited guitarist Ronnie Björnström replacing Daniel Dlimi. Björnström produced the band's Aeons Black album from 2012.

The band’s three Metal Blade albums were the subject of a box set through Mutilation Productions in 2019. Timo Häkkinen was the band’s drummer for 2019 and 2020. Aeon returned with God Ends Here in October of 2021. Tony Östman was on bass, Janne Jaloma was on drums and Daniel Dlimi was back with the band.


Out of Sweden but completely brutal, Dark Order is Aeon's demo from last year (2000) released on CD by Necropolis' death metal imprint in advance of an up coming full length. Formerly known as Defaced Creation (no relation to Malevolent Creation, Monstrosity or Abomination), the five piece has a good-sounding debut CD that follows the direction of Cannibal Corpse and especially Dying Fetus. The brutality is mixed with fancy guitar solos and even a loopy guitar segment. The band is tight and has a clear direction, but it is a fact that it has little to offer the genre. For all the heaviness and energy, the riffing has been done before. Other than the fact that the band renounces the krappola that many newer bands try to pass off as metal there is little to appreciate here. Why doesn't Necropolis pursue Deranged for Satan's sake? - Ali "The Metallian"

Aeon’s Rise To Dominate is the kind of album that you want to hand over to your niece or nephew for Christmas just to spite your arrogant brother-in-law. While the kids will have fun with the demonic front cover and fun lyrics like “blessed by the holy man/caressed by the holy man” their father will sweat bullets trying to keep his children on side while yanking the CD from their hands.
Aeon is the right type of album if one is into Morbid Angel, Deicide and Grave. The band’s mostly mid-paced music is chugging and thick and the vocals deep gurgles spewing the most blackened lyrics this side of an America presidential speech war mongering once again. What the album could have used is a guitar solo or two more. The album has been mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö so dynamics will be limited at best, but the band’s crunchy sound and attack is quite tangible nonetheless. - Anna Tergel