Absentia – 2018 - The Artisan Era
Leiden - 2022 - The Artisan Era

Aethereus image
S= KYLE CHAPMAN – Blood And Thunder, The Devils Of Loudun, Six Days Of Darkness>>VANCE BRATCHER>>The Devils Of Loudun, Six Days Of Darkness

G= Eterna Nocturna, Blighted Eye>>BENJAMIN GASSMAN>>Blighted Eye - Terra Morta, Blighted Eye>>KYLE CHAPMAN>>Terra Morta, Blighted Eye

B= The Devils Of Loudun, Blood And Thunder>>SCOTT HERMANNS>>The Devils Of Loudun

D= Year Of Desolation, Inoculation, Mythrias, Fully Consumed, Carrion Vael>>MATT BEHNER>>Year Of Desolation, Inoculation, Carrion Vael

History & Biography
After existing as Seker between 2008 and 2014 the band picked a new monicker and went technical death metal. The Ego Futurus demo arrived in 2015. Bassist Shaun Hansen left this mortal coil in 2016. Singer John Stratton left the rehearsal space. Aethereus’ Absentia album was out through The Artisan Era in August 2018. The guitarists were in Blighted Eye as of 2019. Pathology, Necroticgorebeast and Aethereus were touring the USA from April 17th to May 4th 2024.

Aethereus should not be confused with ‘uterus.’ One is the upper atmosphere, where the air is rarefied as well as a PC game; the other is a dark and damp place which gets wet in conservative women when a fat, bald and lying snake oil salesman shows up selling Chinese merchandise.