The Full Treatment – 1997 - Banzai
Forgotten Skeleton – 2004 – Great White North
Fractured Psyche Demons – 2015 - Galy
Feels Like Punk, Sounds Like Thrash – 2018 - Dissonance


S= R.A.W.W.A.R.>>Cactus Pete [Pierre Fleurant]>>R.A.W.W.A.R. – Infernal Majesty, Cradle To Grave, Mecha Messiah, Tyrants Blood>>BRIAN LANGLEY
G= Cradle To Grave>>DENIS ‘SASQUATCH’ BARTH>>Cradle To Grave – Entropia>>DAVE WATSON>>Entropia
B= Dug Bugger [Yves Duguay] - Yves Duguay
D= Gaetan “Gate” Bourassa - Stephan Prudom [Stephan Prudhomme] - Expain, Tyrannicide>>RYAN MURRAY IDRIS>>Expain, Tyrannicide


Debate has raged for years about whether this band used pseudonyms or not. The gang was a Canuck thrash quartet. The debut album was re-released by Old Metal in 2000 and Great White North in 2005. Cradle To Grave signed with the Year Of The Sun label in 2004. Forgotten Skeleton was intended as the band’s debut, but not issued until 2004. The Full Treatment was on Banzai based in Montreal. The members lived in the flat above Banzai headquarters and became the only band signed directly to a label that was better known for licensing bands and running a record store.

Due to unforeseen health problems drummer Gate did not join the band for the show on May 27th in Montreal. New drummer Jeremy took over for the show. The band was booked for The Montreal Metal Massacre Fest in December of 2005 alongside the likes of Piledriver, DBC, Anvil and Exciter. Drummer Gaetan "Gate" Bourassa of died in February of 2009 in the Laval neighbourhood of Montreal at the age of 43 after overdosing on drugs and suffering a heart attack. Many tributes soon flowed. Gate had played the drums on The Full Treatment.

With its 30th anniversary looming, guitarist Denis 'Sasquatch' Barthe recruited session players to reform the ‘80s’ thrashers for the 2015 edition of Defenders Of The Old Festival in Brooklyn, NY, USA on March 13th and 14th, which also included Exciter, Natur, Riot V, The Rods and more. The band’s line-up featured vocalist Brian Langley from Toronto thrash metal band Infernäl Mäjesty (who was in Cradle to Grave with Denis), bassist Darin Wall and guitarist Dave Watson from Vancouver thrash band Entropia plus drum person Ryan Murray Idris from Expain. This would be the band’s first show since 2005 when they reunited at the Montreal Metal Massacre fest and released the 1986 album Forgotten Skeleton. Commemorating its thirtieth anniversary with shows across Canada and the USA in 2015, ‘80s’ thrashers Aggression had new material and was releasing a new album entitled Fractured Psyche Demons. The 11-track release came out through Galy Records on August 18th and was the band’s first new album since 1987. Canadian thrash metal band Aggression was touring the Canadian and USA West Coast in June 2016 with a new bass player Martin Meyer (ex-Disciples Of Power, Life Against Death, and The Golers). Aggression, Touch The Sun, Gladius Sky and Terrifier were among the bands playing at Metallion Festival at the Brookside Resort in Vanderhoof in Western Canada on August 11th and 12th 2017. The band released a new album, called Feels Like Punk, Sounds Like Thrash, through Dissonance Productions on May 25th. Brujeria was hitting Europe with Venomous Concept and Aggression in 2019.