Unions - 1994 - Reborn
The Sun Of The Cursed - 1997 - Oz
Nihilist Passion - 2000 - Rated X
A Tomb For The Haunted - 2012 - Chaos
Shelters For The Undead - 2020 - Concreto

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A Perpetual Dying Mirror, Souls On Fire>>JESUS BRAVO>>A Perpetual Dying Mirror, Souls On Fire

Saul Flores>>A Perpetual Dying Mirror - La Mansión>>MAURICIO BARAMI>>La Mansión - Leper Messiah, Souls On Fire>>Jorge Inukai - Soul Eater>>JOEL SILVA>>Soul Eater

Souls On Fire, Shiri>>Oscar Lopez>>Souls On Fire, Shiri - A Perpetual Dying Mirror>>Héctor García>>A Perpetual Dying Mirror, Diavolo Force - A Perpetual Dying Mirror, Diavolo Force>>HÉCTOR GARCÍA

Souls On Fire, Necroccultus>>OSCAR PINON>>Souls On Fire, Necroccultus

History & Biography
These Mexicans have been around since at least 1989 and changed monickers in 1993. The band is influenced by both heavy metal and death metal sounds and the singer's name should not be construed as a pro-Christian message. Nihilist Passion featured 5 studio and 9 live tracks with the latter songs recorded during the 1998 The Tour Of The Cursed.

The band split up in 2000 and the cliched reformation occurred in 2008. Jorge was first heard on the 2012 album. He left in 2019. Bassists Ful Hinojosa and Alberto Martínez came and went. Joel Silva and Héctor García were on the 2020 album. The latter had returned in 2014. The band became inactive as of 2020. The group was touring Mexico in the spring of 2023.


Formed out of the ashes of death metal band Ripping Flesh, Mexico's Agony Lords probably mislead many into believing they still are a death metal entity given the band moniker, album title and record company's information sheet asserting the same. In fact, Agony Lords are a heavy metal band with rather gruff vocals and the tendency for more progressive/ fusion interludes - probably a harbinger of things to come. the album at hand is a live records including no less than six studio tunes show casing the Mexicans. What is lacking is a good sound, with the studio tracks particularly under-dubbed. Nevertheless there are quite a few original riffs here and as an underground curiosity with an interesting cover art this is worth some investigation. - Ali "The Metallian"


Agony Lords